MHP list of Free Agents Denver should target in 2012

First and foremost if Brian Dawkins does walk away from this game you aren’t going to find a person in the Draft to fill that role on opening day! So to all of those saying Denver needs to draft Mark Barron please don’t fall into the media hype. Barron has all the hype around him because of the way Bama played but he is as big as a LB at 6’2 225 lbs and runs like one too (4.7-4.65 range 40) so yes safety is a concern but not one that warrants a first round pick that will probably be bulked up and moved to a linebacker position in the NFL. So let’s get started.

QB: Brady Quinn should be resigned. For reasons that should already be known.

QB: Vince Young-Very mobile and ran a system similar at Texas.

RB: Matt Forte-If Chicago is stupid enough not to sign him long term. EFX better have Chi-town on speed dial and get this deal done! This one I don’t really see happening, but he is just too darn good if there not to jump at.

RB: Jackie Battle-Another rock and hard place pick. KC might let him leave because of Charles and being in position to take Richardson in the draft. A long shot just like the above pick but a solid running back in the right system

RB: Derrick Ward-When Derrick Ward played in a rotation system in NY he had some success and should come on the market very cheap. Decent speed and hands.

RB/FB: Mike Tolbert- Once again if San Diego let’s this guy walk. This is a must have guy. He could play the full back role in the triple-option attack. That could be a running attack with Mcgahee, Tebow, and Tolbert this is the definition of power running!

WR: DeSean Jackson- We need a spread the field guy…Who else do you see better than Jackson? I know he is a cancer, but I think I’d still take a chance.

WR: Eddie Royal-I’m really torn here. I like Eddie, but if he doesn’t return I’m not sure I’ll be that upset. I really liked Eddie when Cutler was here but our new system doesn’t have the need for a slot. Maybe a sign and trade deal might be the best thing for us to do with Mr. Royal.

OT: Barry Richardson- This is my tweener because he can play both tackle and guard. Depending on how well Kuper does with rehab this might be a player who can fill in at two spots on the field and that makes him more valuable.

G: Jeremy Zuttah- This again is solely based on the Kuper injury but he is a decent lineman who can play multiple positions.

G: Russ Hochstein- Hoch filled in very well and for that I think should be resigned.

DE: Mario Williams- One of the best DE’s in the league. Another must have guy. The only reason he will be there is the switch the Texans made to 3-4. This guy is an absolute animal and Denver will have to spend big to get him. I say spend it even if it cost us other FA’s. He is worth every penny! Plus this would allow Denver to push Ayers down to DT.

DT: Brodrick Bunkley- Resign!!..Ok done here

DT: Marcus Thomas- Resign.

OLB: Ahmad Brooks- Take a look at him if Williams can’t be had at our price range for DE. With the Smith “twins” in San Fran Brooks was over looked and would step in and be a great addition.

OLB: Manny Lawson- Proved to be stout in a 4-3. While just a two down player he would have to come at the right price.

CB: Richard Marshall-Richard Marshall played pretty well at corner in the second half of the year. He was also effective in stepping in for an injured Kerry Rhodes at free safety.

CB: Cortland Finnegan- Another high price option. Cortland is like a Bentley. He has flash, he brings you where you want to go in style, and he cost you both arms and legs. I would rather have Mario Williams but he would be a nice parting gift if Williams can’t be had.

CB: Justin King- A nice young talent! Has decent size at 6’ 197 and his speed seems to be fast than his 40. I don’t think St. Louis will let him go but Champ could really help him become a solid NFL CB.

S: Jim Leonhard- The Jets are going to clean house and it might be good for us. He did tear his patellar tendon in December making him start next season on the PUP list but I’d still make an effort to get him. At 29 he will give you another 3-4 good years plus help teach the young guys. He was the leader of the secondary in NY.

S: Sean Jones- Sorry guys this is personal. Sean and I played together at Georgia so I would love to have him come to Denver. I backed up Sean for 2 seasons while playing between the hedges in Athens so he has to make the list.

S: LaRon Landry- His injury might lower the asking price (Achilles injury not torn) but I would still take a very long look at him. The price would have to be very organizational sound but if we can make it happen with a clause than I say go get him.

K: Matt Prater-Resign

This is a list of prospects not a list of players I see Denver signing. That would cost us our cap plus 2 other teams’ spending money. So I will narrow the list down now to players that no matter what if there we must sign.

QB: Brady Quinn

RB: Mike Tolbert or Matt Forte (if there ONE of these must be signed)

WR: Eddie Royal (I’m taking Eddie here. DeSean would be nice but I’ll stick with who got me where I am)

OT: Barry Richardson

G: Hoch

DE: Mario Williams- This is my must have pick. If we get no one else this is the one

DT: Bunk and Thomas

CB: Justin King

S: Jim Leonard and Sean Jones (Landry would be nice but I rather see the money spent elsewhere)

K: Prater

I understand this seems like a lot of Free Agent movement and it is but EFX said they are going to be aggressive so let’s all hope they are.

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