Broncos Evaluation and Mock Draft

Broncos Country had a great season. Far exceeding expectations. The Broncos got a new front office with Denver favorite, John Elway and new coach John Fox. They came in and with the help of Brian Xanders improved the talent level. After seeing this new team in action, I have put together my thoughts on where the team stands now and moves I think would help continue to improve the talent level of this team.

First, the team breakdown by group:


There are two quaterbacks on the roster next season. The Broncos need a veteran to back up Tim Tebow. Someone who preferably has starting experience. Most logical choice would be Vince Young, though I can't stand the guy. But since when have the Broncos cared what I think? (Hint: the answer is never) Another intriguing option would be D Dixon, though he doesn't have much starting experience.


McGahee is over 30, odds are he can't take another season like this last one. Fox likes to run RB by committee. Therefore, we need another starter at RB a 1B of sorts. Moreno just looked like depth this season. I expect the front office looks to the draft. My favorite option would be LaMichael James in the 2nd. He posted a video of him running the 40 on twitter on 1/18, the dude blew off the line. CJ2K better start kissing his combine record goodbye. I wouldn't be mad at Miller, Polk, Wilson, Turbin (I don't like Pierce, games I saw he didn't show much burst).


Here is where it gets interesting. First, what we have. Thomas, looks like a future #1 receiver. Decker, looks like a #3, slot guy to me. I love him was my favorite pick of the draft, but he just couldn't keep it up. Royal and Willis look like 4 and 5 to me respectively. This should be a priority position this offseason to help Tebow's development. The example I like is Eli Manning. Dude, threw for 4900 yards with one of the best WR corps. In his first 9 starts he threw for ~48% completion percentage, now some are talking like he may be an elite QB. Give Tebow weapons and have patience (as long as he continues to improve) I think he can be elite too. The Broncos should bring in a FA and at least one draft pick. A pipe dream would be V Jax or Colston. Maybe, more likely is Lavelle Hawkins, Manningham, Wayne, or S Smith (PHI). Draft, I like McNutt, Streeter, Quick or Posey as 3rd round options.


I like our tight ends, they are a group I want to sit back and continue to watch develop. Hopefully Green and Thomas can overtake Fells and Rosario this offseason.


I know there are a lot of differing opinions in Broncos country about our OL. But fact is Beadles and Walton graded out (by Pro Football Focus) as some of the worst OL in the league all season. Competition needs to be brought in I expect EFX to draft at least one OL.I really like Kevin Zeitler from Wisconsin, but I have seen mocks with him going in the first to third round. I don't know that I would take him in the first, I would probably have 4-5 guys ahead of him for our slot in the first. I haven't seen much yet, but a late round option might be moe petrus at C in the late rounds.


Dumervil is BACK! Ayers showed flashes this year, I would like to see him develop another year. We need pass rushing depth/competition for Ayers. Especially with Hunter a UFA. I think there might be some solid options in the draft in the middle rounds like Chandler Jones. I will admit I am biased about Chandler though because I am a Bones Jones fan.


Bunkley was a stud this year. Pro Football Focus had him graded as one of the best run defenders all season. Re-sign him! Thomas is a good rotational player. We also get Warren back next year. If the BPA at 25 is a DT I say we take him. It would be nice to have someone inside who could get after the QB. However, I don't think EFX thinks highly of DTs so I don't see them rating many DT's as the BPA. Maybe late rounder?


Williams and Miller are awesome. Haggen and Woodyard are too as back ups. Re-sign Woody and Haggen.


Mays should not be a 3 down starter. He is great in a back up/ST role. I hope Irving pans out, if the coaching staff doesn't think his ready we may address this in the draft. There is plenty of talent in the first couple rounds.


Might be our biggest area of need. Champ is getting old, Goodie shouldn't be starting opposite Champ. On the bright side Harris was a pleasant surprise this year and we get the squid back to play in dime formations next year (assuming Goodie is still around to play nickel). The Broncos will probably still draft at least one. Some options would be Gilmore, Dennard, Jenkins in round one. Or maybe Josh Norman in round 2. They should sign one too, maybe Grimes or Carr if he actually gets away from the Chiefs.


Dawkins will probably retire. That leaves a huge hole. Carter was decent this year. Moore needs to step up and Bruton is a back up. Bush should not even be on the team. If Dawkins retires it would give us a reason to go out and sign or draft another one. LaRon Landry is of course the big name, who is probably actually hitting the market.

Mock Draft:

First move is we trade down out of the first round to early to mid second and acquire another 3.

2a. Josh Norman - CB - Coastal Carolina He has been shooting up draft boards this week with a huge shrine game. Prototypical size, ball hawk. Cons: Weakness of opponents.

2b. LaMichael James - RB - Oregon Option RB with a lot of speed. Cons: Size, very small guy. Would like to see more thickness.

3a. Brian Quick - WR - Appalachian State Big wide receiver with good hands and intriguing athleticism. Cons: Weakness of opponents

3b. Dwight Bentley - CB - UL Lafayette Long-armed, athletic CB. Cons: Small school, needs to be more physical (though he likes to help against the run), and can lose balance.

4. Stephen Hill - WR - Georgia Tech The last two WRs from Georgia Tech seem to be working. Same mold, but still raw.

5a. Joe Looney - OG - Wake Forest Athletic Guard

5b. Akiem Hicks - DT - University of Regina Athletic DT who is still raw.

6. Quentin Saulsberry - C - Mississippi State

7. Drake Dunsmore - FB - Northwestern

Alright Broncos Country, let me know your thoughts.

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