Draft Sleepers - QB/TE/FB

Following on from RB sleepers and WR sleepers here's my list of miscellaneous position sleepers on offense. Less video here because well I haven't found any on some of these players


This is always a really small group. One of these players has already "broken out" and is no longer a sleeper but I'll list him anyway. QB sleepers only work for one type of NFL team. A team that doesn't create drama at the position. These players are raw and NFL game time can't come with pre-expectations that the QB is a savior. As long as Bowlen, Elway, and Tebow are with the Broncos, we will have drama at the position.

B.J. Coleman - 6'3" 234 lbs - Tennessee-Chattanooga - A Lane Kiffin wreckage. Was the #10 ranked pro-style QB out of HS. Went to Tennessee and found himself in a crowded QB situation with coaching conflict too. Transferred to Chattanooga (an FCS school) where he's had 3 good years. There will be level of competition issues and his upside is probably a game manager. But he's already moved from undrafted to 5th round projection based on his Shrine Bowl week. Not a sleeper anymore and no video.

Aaron Corp - 6'3"205 lbs - Richmond - A Pete Carroll wreckage - Was the #3 ranked dual-threat QB out of HS. Went to USC and redshirted his freshman year. Backed up Mark Sanchez (one year older and the #1 pro-style QB in his HS class) the next year. When Mark Sanchez declared for the draft, Pete Carroll opened up the QB slot to competition and Corp beat out Matt Barkley (two years younger and the #1 pro-style QB in his HS class) for the job. Fractured his leg in training camp, Carroll opened up the QB slot for competition, Barkley had two good games, Corp had one bad one (playing with a brace because his leg was fractured), and Barkley took the job. Corp (probably correctly) believed that Pete Carroll wouldn't open the job again to competition so he decided to transfer to Richmond after that season. Three days later, Pete Carroll took the coaching job in Seattle. Has fast reads and fast release and has been playing in a pro-style offense at Richmond. A bit scrawny but his upside is definitely game manager with potentially elite dink and dunk game. Right now projected in the 7th round but he'll go higher.

John Brantley - 6'3" 220 lbs - Florida - An Urban Meyer wreckage - The #3 ranked pro-style QB out of HS. Went to Florida where he backed up Tim Tebow in an offense that was completely unsuited for a pro-style QB. Took over the starter role when Tebow came here but was still like a fish out of water. Was going to transfer but Florida brought in Charlie Weis who put in a more pro-style offense. And then Brantley gets a series of minor injuries in 2011. He has very good upside but is probably practice squad raw for a year or more. Will likely be undrafted but get a lot of PS offers.


I haven't found any sleepers. The top 3 are the best three and the only draftable three. Outside that, Broderick Green may be rosterable.

Tight End

The chances of us drafting a TE with Daniel Fells, Dante Rosario, Virgil Green, Julius Thomas, and Cornelius Ingram on/near our roster are near zero. As are our chances of getting a UDFA to camp. But here's the two sleepers I've found

Kavario Middleton - 6'5" 250 lbs - Montana - The #6 ranked defensive end by Rivals and the #3 ranked tight end by Scout out of HS. Went to Washington where he had a good sophomore year in 2009. Was kicked off the team for (probably) drug test results. There's a question though as to whether they deliberately chose to expel him rather than suspend him because there was a coaching conflict. At any rate, transferred to Montana where he has kept his nose clean. Maybe. Will likely be undrafted. At any rate, Montana is looking like good sleeper territory with Middleton and Antwan Moutra (a WR). We better have our scouts there. Montana should be Broncos country not Seahawks droppings.

Aron White - 6'4" 240 lbs - Georgia - A top ten TE out of HS. Went to Georgia where he found himself with Orson Charles (a top ten TE/WR). Charles doesn't block so he got the receiving targets and is now a top round TE. White can block so he got stuck blocking and will soon pursue a career doing something else. Probably won't get drafted but an NFL team would be nuts if it didn't invite him to camp. He is top round upside. It'll be some team other than the Broncos though. We're too crowded at the position.

Next up - offensive line and then head over to the other side of the ball.

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