Boise State to Denver? a BSU fans opinion on Senior Bowl prospects

Hey guys. I don't write on the blog too much during the season because I'm happy watching the season play out. But the days and months leading up to the draft is my favorite season to participate here. There has been some hooplah regarding Boise State's prospects at the Senior Bowl. Some good (Doug Martin), some doubtful (Kellen Moore) and others in between. Having lived most of my life here in Boise and subsequently graduating from BSU I developed an even deeper love for the school than I have for the Denver Broncos. Though, Denver is deep into my family pedigree and I shall always adore them.

As the Senior Bowl practices wrap up, I figured I would chime in on the college players I have watched closely for their entire careers. I'm no expert so this is just one layman's opinion but hopefully an enlightening one. If anyone wants to talk about a Boise State player I don't talk about here, I'm happy to chat about them too.

Billy Winn, DT: Winn was an excellent DT for us for years but there are a few questions. First, he has had a couple injuries, though not extremely severe but it is something to watch. Second, He is a high motor guy and therefore a bit of an overachiever. He's not that big for a DT these days, plays a little under 300 lbs. My worry about him is that his ceiling may be fairly low. He would be worthwhile in the later rounds but I don't see him being a consistent starter. I think he will be a great addition to a team, as he can penetrate and make plays but I also think he will tire out against bigger OL and should be a rotational guy.

Shea McClellin, DL/LB: The Senior Bowl guys in their infinite wisdom thought Shea was light and moved him to inside linebacker to see what he can do. Apparently he hasn't embarrassed himself in coverage but his run D needs work. I will say this, as a pass rusher he was great in college. He was constantly disruptive and making negative plays. If his transition to middle linebacker is successful Denver would have another linebacker that could blitz and wreak havoc on opposing QB's. However, we really need good run stoppers up the middle too and I'm not sure how he would fit. He will surely bring the intensity the Broncos are looking for at the position, but I will defer to the pro's over this one. I'm just not sure.

George Iloka, S: George has ridiculous amounts of talent for a safety. His body type is just what we need to match up against TE's which have given us fits for years. He's got great length to go with great speed and an attitude. Not to mention, he rocks the Von Miller frames which can only be viewed as a good thing. The kid has a quirky style that I've come to appreciate over the years. He's a nice funny guy and my encounters with him have always been positive. The thing that worries me about him is that he kinda reminds me of Taylor Mays; for all his talent he never really seemed to transcend the players around him. If he blossoms under NFL coaching he could be great, however the secondary coach at Boise State, Marcel Yates, was second to none. He was the true backbone of Boise State's D and it's hard to imagine coaching is to blame. Iloka was always solid and could be great, he just never seemed to quite live up to his potential. I hope it was just lack of opportunities but other safety's in that system were stars and he never seemed to quite hit that level. I would be wary of spending over a 3rd round pick on him. Though I love the guy and would love to be able to keep rooting for him in Denver.

Kellen Moore, QB: Many scouts are tearing Kellen a new one this week and it is understandable. He really is that small, and his arm strength really is a problem. Boise state was the ONLY fbs school to offer him a scholarship for those very same reasons. I made this prediction before this season and I'm sticking with it; Kellen Moore will be drafted late if at all but unless the team he goes to has a franchise guy he will start by the end of the year. If he goes to a team with a strong QB he will make an ideal back up. Where Kellen Moore is going to win coaching staffs over is in the meeting rooms and in training camp. Because of of his lack of measurables Moore relies heavily on superior anticipation. A side-effect of this is evident that the Senior Bowl. That is, it is difficult to anticipate receivers you don't know. His accuracy looked off at the Senior Bowl which surprised some given his efficiency in college, it didn't surprise me because of this issue. As he grows comfortable with his targets he becomes deadly accurate and can carve up even the best defenses. What really helps Moore is that grey matter between his ears. This guy watches film for fun, all day. As a highschooler he would already find black market old NFL playbooks and learn them. This guy knew the Colts' and Patriots playbook as a freshman in college. He has a coaching pedigree and as a result, even if he never sees the field he will be a positive for whatever team has him. Think Gary Kubiak, Kellen Moore will be a head coach some day, that's his plan and his future is bright.

and finally, the best for Last;

Doub Martin, RB: If EFX doesn't seriously consider taking this guy in the first round, they are insane. I don't think they are and I believe the Muscle Hamster will find himself high the Broncos's draft board. The only part of this guys game that can be perceived as a weakness is blocking. But his issues there are technique and not attitude. Some have criticized his speed (4.5 forty), but those guys haven't watched film. His game speed is just fine, he is sneaky fast top end and is a home run threat even though he isn't Chris Johnson fast (who is?). The man is built like Ray Rice, and has a similar style I'll leave the comparison at that though because I'm not a fan of those, a guy is who he is and nobody else. Dougie can return kicks, be in kickoff and punt coverage and is a punishing runner with great vision. Oh, yeah he can catch too. If not for the long shadow of Kellen Moore (see what I did there?) Doug would have been the offensive star of this team and he is by far their best draft candidate. Unless he's hurt he will do very well in the NFL.

Anyway, what do you think? Proceed to mock me at will. Love you guys. Oh and P.S. I'm too lazy to proofread so please forgive run-on sentences, weird grammar etc...

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