Mocking the offseason

First off, I'd like to make it known that I am brand new to MHR, at least as a member. I have enjoyed the amazing posts and opinions from Bronco Country for a couple of years now and have finally decided to join the fun! I'm soon to graduate from high school, so I figured this could be a nice way to begin pursuing my dreams of becoming a sports writer/analyst, or even an NFL GM (I know, the fantasies we have in high school...). So on that awkward note about teenage fantasies, I give you my inaugural mock offseason!


Coaching: Continuity of name is the only thing that goes with Mr. Allen, considering this is Fox's defense. Now think about having two veteran, great defensive minds teaming up on the same team, in Fox and Del Rio. I read a comment on this very site that gave the perfect analysis on the former Jags HC: he is a great d-coordinator, but an average head coach. The guy has had his fair share of head coaching years in his career, and likely wouldn't leave us unless the perfect opportunity came up.

Addressing Player Personnel Needs: FA


Quarterbacks: I feel no pressure whatsoever to draft a quarterback, whether it's in the 1st round or 7th. Resign Quinn and let him and Weber duke it out for 2nd string. I do like the idea of Weber, a dual threat quarterback, coming in and running the offense should Tebow *gulp* get hurt. He has the connection with Decker. NON DRAFT NEED.

Running Backs: Where to start. LET KNOWSHOW GO. I'm a fan of Spencer Larsen. Resign him. Other than that I do not want to see a free agent RB signed, unless it is Michael Bush. If we are going to pay the big bucks to anyone, I prefer we spend it on a real franchise, bellcow back; someone who can take over when McGahee's role needs to be permanently reduced. I do not think Tolbert is that guy. I think the general consensus on Hillis is to stay away. And the list goes on and on. Let's go get our guy in the draft. DRAFT NEED.


Receivers: I'd like to see us resign both Royal and Willis, as 4th and 5th receivers respectively, however the most realistic situation in my mind is bringing only Willis back. I have seen many comments on MHR lobbying for a true deep threat to add to the all around talents of DT & Decker. A guy I would really like to add is Pierre Garcon. It looks like the Colts will be cleaning house, and we should be able to attract many more players who want a shot at winning it all (wow, that feels great to say). He's young, at age 25, would help open up this offense big time, and is an explosive punt returner should Royal leave. Think about a WR corps of DT, Garcon, and Decker! Many outside of this organization would probably underestimate that group, but I know we all realize the talent there. SIGN GARCON.

Offensive Line: Retain all backups. I really like our O-line. Our depth isn't all that great, but that can be achieved in many ways. One of which is through the free agency. A couple guys to look at are Roberto Garza and Nate Livings. Two I really want, who can possibly push Beadles for the starting job are Ryan Diem (another Colt) and Adam Snyder. Snyder, in particular, has established himself as a solid NFL guard with the 49ers. SIGN DIEM OR GARZA.

Tight Ends: Let Clancy do his job! After spending two draft picks on project TEs, one of whom was being hailed as the next Tony G, we should not be clamoring for another. Resign Fells, and cut Rosario. I really like the youngsters in Thomas, Green, and Tebow's former teammate, Ingram. NON DRAFT NEED.

D-Line: Resign Bunkley and Thomas, and let everyone else test the waters. One of our biggest needs is an interior pass rush. Too many elite QBs can escape VonDoom by simply stepping up in the pocket. A great signing for us would be the young, Jason Jones. Although light weight for a DT, it is his true postion, which was evident after a season of struggles due to a move to the outside. A better overall DT rotation is a must. Sign Jason Jones then continue the upgrade in the trenches in the draft. DRAFT NEED.

LB: Trade away DJ for a 3rd rounder, pay Woody his money, and then give him the starting job to go with it. Sayre's post about Brandon Spano's rant completely won me over. Sign Dan Connor from Carolina, and we've got a young, good LB group in Woodyard, Connor/Irving, and VON. As much as I love Vontaze Burfict, drafting a linebacker high is unnecessary.

DBs: Man, would all of us love to hear that Dawkins will be completely healed and ready to take back the SS position. Unfortunately, neck injuries don't work that way. Ask Peyton. At safety, everyone's dream signing would be LaRon Landry. Now this dream can very much be a reality. Despite his injuries, Landry is as consistent as they come and will require a big payday. Who I really want is Tyvon Branch. An eye for an eye. As for CB, we should find our current no. 2 guy and future replacement for Champ as a DRAFT NEED.

The Draft

**Trade out of the 1st round if Dre Kirkpatrick is gone for an early to mid 2nd and 3rd. I'm sure Holmgren will want to target Jeffrey, Sanu, or Dwayne Allen for RG3.

2A: Janoris Jenkins/CB/ 5'10 191


Once considered the best CB prospect in college, Jenkins disappeared from the spotlight when he was kicked off the Florida team for multiple drug arrests and was forced to transfer to North Alabama. He has reemerged as a result of great Senior Bowl practices, and I'd be ecstatic to have him.

2B: Chris Polk/RB/5'11 224


From "Polk is a strong interior runner who has the burst to get through the line and the power to break tackles. He's not a naturally explosive outside runner, and is primarily a North-South runner who has good vision for cutback lanes. Polk lacks true breakaway speed, but has plenty of speed to rip off yards in chunks. He doesn't get caught from behind often. Coaches will value Polk's willingness and competency as a blocker as well. Like most college backs, he has to work on his technique, but Polk doesn't shy away from oncoming blitzers. Polk also increased his versatiliy by becoming far more involved in the Huskies' passing attack in 2012." Sounds exactly like the type of bruiser we want, with the great added bonus of receiving ability. Huge fan of Polk.

3A: Kendall Reyes/DT/6'4 300


Great player. Rising up draft boards quickly because of eye opening Senior Bowl practices, where he's making Kevin Zeitler look like a fool. Scouts are raving about his explosiveness and burst off the snap. Can play both DT and DE, and his pass rushing skills are becoming more and more evident.

3B: Brandon Brooks/OG/6'5 353


Rose up draft boards as a 3/4 round pick because of a strong East West Shrine showing. He handles his weight very well as far as movement, and can also use his size to dominate defenders at the point of attack and drive them across the field.

3C: Audie Cole/ILB/6'4 248

I know I said ILB wasn't a need, but that's the benefit of getting more picks. You don't pass up this kind of talent when it's available. Good pass rusher, averaging about 4-5 sacks a season, and a great tackler, which is the first thing John Fox looks for in a defender. Always puts the team first, something we should move more towards after the likes of Marshall, Cutler, and the recently exposed Hillis.

4th round: Chris Rainey, RB/WR (utility), 5'8 178


This may be a little high for Rainey, but everyone is looking for the type of Darren Sproles prospects nowadays. Now we have the chance to get him. 4.3 40 yd dash, can catch the ball extremely well. Imagine this backfield: McGahee, Polk, and Rainey to play the Sproles Role. IMO, we'd have a backfield 10x better than the Saints. The best in the league.

5A (from STL): Emmanuel Acho/OLB/6'1 235


We need depth at OLB, and the brother of current Arizona Cardinals playmaking OLB, Sam Acho, wouldn't hurt. Decent pass rusher, but tackling machine. 116 tackles, 18 tackles for loss, 14 QB hurries, and 2 sacks last season. Good head on his shoulders, as well.

5B: Jarius Wright/WR/5'10 176


What can I say? This offense needs firepower. Look at what Tebow had at Florida: Hernandez, Harvin, Riley Cooper, David Nelson, etc. Wright definitely brings firepower and explosion to the table. 1st Team all SEC, not a minor accomplishment. Runs a 4.36 40, and has good hands. Can take the ball to the house on any play. Think poor man's D-Jax.

7th Round: Adrien Cole/LB/5'11 250


Simply for depth, but who knows what he could turn into? Had good production at Louisiana Tech, but... it's Louisiana Tech. 118 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 INT.

Thanks for reading, fellas. Really enjoyed creating my first post. GO BRONCOS.

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