KC vs Denver: The No Bull Review

Backing into the playoffs is no way to make noise, but hey...we are in our first playoff game since 2005 with a rebuilding team! That's some crazy stuff. Who knows if we'll have success, but I'm sure happy to have the AFC West title and to be able to host a game.


  • Let's get the party started cause I know I'll hear it in the comments, but here's my no bull take: Tebow is playing scared. He was just refusing to throw the ball downfield for some reason and it looked like the INTs from last week really got to him. I don't know if it was the coaches telling him not to throw it or him just doubting himself, but I don't like it at all. We need his throwing to be a threat or we will not score points...and if we want to do anything in the playoffs we will need more than 3 damn points.
  • McGahee deserves an award for his season. He's running against 8 man fronts and winning all day long. Sure do like his game.
  • Our WRs did jack and squat to get open if they weren't the primary route. Did anyone else notice this? They looked like they were just running their routes and then squatting. It was awful. Help out your QB and make something happen.
  • Kuper was a big time loss. Our pass protection and run blocking suffered after he left...not because of Hochstein, but because we were constantly giving Hoch help and it cost us on the left side.


  • Gutsy performance from our D. I thought they played aggressive and tight on KC. Orton didn't burn them and after the 1st quarter they kept McCluster fairly well in check.
  • Early game Bailey looked pretty weak in coverage. He was allowing too much cushion for his guys and actually missed some tackles.
  • I really liked how our front 4 looked in this game. I hope they all stay put for a long time.
  • Bruton made a tremendous play on a long pass from Orton down the sideline...I haven't seen anything tremendous from our safeties in a long time. I hope that is a sign of things to come.
  • Mays had a good impact on the game and I foresee him getting a lot of snaps vs Pittsburgh. Both KC and Pittsburgh like to run it and that means Mays will get a chance to audition for MLB next year...cause right now I call him a back up at best.
  • Harris is in my mind our #2 CB next year. The kid is just always in position. He does his job and he tackles so well. You just need players like that on the field. At the very least he is our Nickel CB.
  • Goodman looked very solid this week...he was constantly in the hip pocket of his man from what I saw.

Special Teams:

  • I kept hoping for a big return from Eddie, but KC has a great punter and he never really got a good shot at it. I love how he was trying to make something happen by swinging his run out to the side trying to get KC to make a mistake. Unfortunately they played sound coverage and bottled him up.


  • First off early in the game we had a shot at a long FG. It was just stupid not trying to get those first 3 points on the board. I hate this part of having Fox as our coach. He's way too conservative at times. I understand why...KC had just put 7 on us. But man Prater has a cannon for a leg. That FG was so makeable.
  • McCoy really REALLY irritated me with the play calling. I know our strength is our run game, but man you can't shackle your QB as much as we did. Between the lack of passing play calls and Tebow crapping his pants not wanting to throw our offense looked completely inept. If I had anything to do with the offensive squad of our team I'd say in a meeting that we need to run the ball yes, but we have to take our shots down field and live with the consequences. Tebow just needs to not throw into double coverage where a safety is on top...those opportunities are there. Throw it up to Decker and Thomas and let them make a play. Trust his arm and that the WRs will either get the ball or make sure no one else does.
  • Allen had a great week. After McCluster just broke us in the 1st quarter he adjusted the defense and the guys really shut them down. Especially in the 2nd half. KC couldn't do anything at all when they had the ball.


  • Again it is worth stating...the officiating was just horrendous this game. Both Decker and Tebow were facemasked and neither got the call. Both were obvious and the one on Tebow had no business being missed as there is always a ref watching the QB. Am I the only one thinking we are not getting the home-field officiating advantage as much as other teams?

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