The Problems Are Solved. Just Duplicate!

Every blow out loss! Who did it, and why? Plus, who has what we need? What are the things that the elite teams have that we don't, and why didn't they make it to the SB? Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's single season passing record this year, but he didn't make it.

Clay Mathews gets to sit home during the SB, and wonder why they have 4 QB's on the roster when Aaron Rodgers is considered elite!

The Super Bowl is being held in a town where the "elite" QB didn't even play a down, and yet I'm surprised that he wasn't elected to the Pro-Bowl, just because! You see what happens when "the guy" doesn't show up?

Cam Newton made the Pro-Bowl as a rookie, and so did that other guy from the Bungles, Andy Dalton. I guess that the Pro Bowl is exactly what I thought that it was. A popular group of guys that didn't make the Super Bowl!

It appears that the teams who have solved their problems are playing next Sunday in the Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean that the other teams who "Just Barely Missed", don't have something that we can take from their rosters. That something, is the ability to see what the makeup of a winner is. What exactly do they have that we don't, and why does that add to their success?

Green Bay is who I thought would be playing the Denver Broncos in the SB this year. OKAY! So you caught me in a lie! I never expected us to make it that far, La La Land and all. But, I was surprised that it wasn't Rodgers and Brady in the Big Game! But, why would I not consider that Eli Manning would be there? Consistency!

Tom, Peyton, Drew and Aaron have managed to perfect their craft to the point that everything is now second nature to them. Simple instinct based upon a collected and perfected experience of events that makes what they do now, a PROGRESSION FROM THAT! When I watch those guys work the offense, I see guys who are not struggling to learn, but guys who KNOW this game, and are using their weapons!

Those two elements are the key to succeeding at the position. Experience, and great weapons. So what's new? Nothing. We just aren't there yet at those positions.

Tim Tebow! Add Nausea! Everything that can be said has, but one thing is for certain. He has an intrinsic ability to make the doubters believe, and though i have never doubted, I see what we have in this leader.

He will succeed because of his drive. It isn't JUST that. He's smart. He also studies hard. He's driven. He works his ass off to have the best physical body that he can put on the field. He's driven. He has a desire far beyond what I and you could ever put out there. He's driven. He's smart, and he has John Elway at his back! THAT'S RIGHT! You heard it here first, John has Tim's back!

Here's the BIG deal!

The short passing game. Just look at the stats. Screw the concept that the stats are skewed to make a point! That only happens when it does. Facts are always going to come to the surface, and these are the facts!


Gronk, a TE, got more receptions and TD's than anyone on the Super Bowl Patriots this year. Check his stats on yards after the catch. Who can we get like that?

Look at Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings in GB. 137 receptions and 24 TD's between them! What's wrong with a duo like that on our team?

Check out the running back for NO! Darren Sproles was the second leading receiver on the team with 86 catches! Is there a reason why WE cannot utilize our backs in this way?

Friends, I'm sorry, but I have a bigger problem with the tallent on the receiving side of the ball than i do with the guy throwing it. The guy throwing it needs to do what he will do this off season to get better, and I have no dobt that he will. I also have no doubt about the fact that My Hero John Elway has his best interests in mind!

And, to those of you who think that there is a conspiracy theory that says that John Elway doesn't want any new kid to break his records, is smothering in a pile of the stuff that always makes you stink the way that you should!

All I'm saying is this. We can take an extensive look at the teams who consistently end the season at, or near, the top. We can derive certain things based upon the analysis, and try to find the equivalent. That is exactly what the Front Office is doing because, after all, THAT'S their job.

I for one, find a lot of solace in the fact that I am confident in the group we have at the top. The guys that we have that will do what we need to get done.

Now, all of you who love to speculate on who we need to draft, and who we need to sign in the free agent mkt., may want to think about who it is based upon what you see is really working. Then think about why those teams who almost made it didn't.

It takes a bit of "Luck?" to get to the final two, and then if you do, "you betta bring the A game!"

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