Bronco Busters

Pay no attention to the title, just a little something to possibly peak interest in the post. No harm, no foul? I hope to have a good conversation about our upcoming game.

Congratulations on your AFC West Championship. As you know, your Broncos will be meeting the Amazing Steelers next Sunday. I feel fairly confident in my teams ability to win the game. I also realize the Steelers have lost 3 games this year on the road, to teams who would go on to win their respective division.

On a personal note: I remember when John Elway and the Denver Broncos marched into Pittsburgh for the 1997 AFC Championship. The Broncos won and I was suprised at my lack of anger. While I would definitely rather my team had won, I was happy that John Elway got a chance to go to a superbowl. A belated congratulations to your fanbase on the Broncos win and the 2 SB wins that followed. If I remember correctly, the Broncos returned the favor in the 2005 AFC Championship at Denver, the Steelers won and then went on to win our first SB in a long, long time.

I have been an avid fan of the Steelers since 1972 and hopefully can answer some questions for ya. I am not the most adept student of the game and hopefully other Steeler fans will show up to answer any technical football questions you might have.

In the meantime, I have a few questions for you.

1. What should the Steelers worry about this Sunday when facing the Broncos at MileHigh Stadium?

2. What worries you about the Steelers coming to town? Please no comments about Big Ben and the college girls in Denver. You don't wanna sound like a Browns fan!

3. Is your defense really that good? Are you stronger against the run or the pass? How is your pass rush?

4. I will admit to a little case of Tebow Fever earlier in the year, of which I was lambasted for at BTSC. I have since fallen off the bandwagon and see his shortcomings as a QB in the NFL. What are your thought about Tim Tebow's future in the NFL?

5. And last but not least, which team is gonna win and why? Give reasons please.

I of course beleive the Steelers will win for the following reasons: #1 D in the NFL and an experienced QB who usually, seems to find a way to win, even when hurt.

And we are hurting, expecially on offense. We just lost our #1 running back and our QB is limping around the field. Having a team of walking wounded is not the way you want to enter the playoffs. I would have liked to have had a bye week and two home games. But so is life, you sometimes have to overcome adversity to reach the heights you long for.

A shout out to J-Man, a Broncos fan who sometimes visits BTSC and represents your fanbase very well.


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