The Passing Game...

In order to win this Sunday, the Broncos will need to pass. 8 passes with 2 completions in all likely hood won't win this game, even if one is a 56 yard TD bomb to Erik Decker. Our rushing attack is fantastic between the 20's... but has only accounted for 5 TDs from running backs.

The question is, "How do we complete more passes and keep the ball movingl?"

Some have suggested a new QB, Brady Quinn. Others have suggested we can't pass, Tebow limits McCoy and the whole offense, so we have to keep running and hope the D or Special Teams score. There's also another train of thought, which myself and others have been suggesting for the past few days:

1. McCoy/Fox need to address the passing scheme concepts, including the WR routes and concepts.
2. Wide Receivers need to run better routes and actually create separation, of which there was hardly any (if at all) against the Chiefs.
3. Confuse the Steeler defense and keep them off-balance. Diversify our attack between rushing AND passing. During our win streak, McCoy did a better job of keeping the defense guessing (better, not great).

It would appear that some of the Broncos agree with this train of thought.

Fox: "We've got to put [Tebow] in positions where he can succeed. He's the one out there throwing the ball," Fox said. "At the end of the day, we'll try to give him some better pass plays to operate."

M. Willis: "I don't think (throwing more short passes) is going to fix the problems. It's receivers getting open and catching the ball. It's not what routes we run. It's about making plays."

E. Decker: "I think the biggest thing in this league is to be unpredictable. Pass or run on first down, get 3, 4 yards, get second-and-short, allow ourselves more success."

Tebow also needs to play better and do better this Sunday, but here's the good news:

Elway: "[Tebow]'s a good enough athlete, you know what, to pull the trigger. He's obviously upset with last week. He's already got an edge to him, so he's ready to go. I like seeing the edge. Oh, yeah. I actually love it. I have full confidence he'll bounce back and have a good week."


This guy is!

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