I'm With Tim.

When I was a kid, you'd find me running routes for my older brother who was the "all time QB" of our neighborhood. As I took a pitch or ran out for a pass, in my mind, I was Sammy Winder. My brother thought he was Roger Staubach; you can imagine my disappointment. Everyone in my family was a Dallas Cowboys fan, so I'm not sure how I started liking the Broncos. Regardless of how, it came to be, and I've enjoyed every bit of it since.

There's no question as to why my kids are Bronco fans. Tim Tebow. Well, and a little help from me. All three sit next to me on the couch and cheer on the Broncos. All of them are under 10 and seeing them jump around after a score is a sight to behold.


They understand how Tim has been knocked by the press. The kids consider him an underdog and they want to see this underdog succeed. They are with Tim and so am I. Unfortunately, this loyalty to Tim has affected how I view the team. As a former QB (I beat out the big brother eventually), I understand the pressures, and I understand what a bad scheme can do to you when playing the position. Sadly, I also know what a stud freshman can do to your chances at starting for a college football team when you've been waiting patiently in line to play (but that's another story).

The excitement I had at the end of last season was crushed when the new regime decided to turn Tim into a ball control QB. When he was running all over the place, throwing screens, outs, and deep balls, I was having a blast. Now you ask? Let's just say, I'm waiting patiently for the 4th quarter where they let Tim play the game. Even then, I'm still waiting for screens, tight ends, bootlegs, slants, and various other routes shorter than 15 yards.

I keep thinking that the next game is when the Broncos are going to shock the league by springing a normal offense into life. The next game McCoy will bring the tight ends into the mix by letting them knock and get open right behind the loaded box (not 15 yards down the seem). Orton was King of hitting check downs at the wrong time (3rd and long) Tim rarely has a check down as an option and when he does it's with little time on the clock and the route is crossing in the middle of the field (not the sideline) or the check is running as a mirror to Tim's rollout. Let's remind McCoy- if the check is mirroring Tim so is the Spy they have on Tim (DUH!!!!).

Let's hope Sunday is the "next game" for which we've all been waiting.


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