An introduction and some playcalling musings

Happy Broncos Playoff-eve MHR!

First, let me preface my first Fan Post with a brief introduction...

I am a lifelong Broncos fan, loyalist, homer and all of the other terms that describe a person who plans his Sundays around the orange and blue schedule. My fandom dates back to the pre-Elway days (My Mom even has a Halloween picture of me decked out as Lyle Alzado before he lost his dang mind) I was introduced to MHR by my oldest son late last season after breaking out of 4 plus years of hopelessness that had almost dragged me to the point of (gasp) Broncos apathy.

Watching the Broncos this year has been an amazing roller coaster ride that has seen me standing on the coach dancing with pure joy and ready to throw the remote through the flat screen all within minutes of each other. I am really overjoyed at where we stand as a team now especially when you think about where we started. No matter the outcome tomorrow, I am just so happy that I am sitting here today with our team in the dance. Being an eternal optimist, I love it that we just have a chance. I liken it to the old Basketball saying, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Meaning there is a zero percent chance we win a Super Bowl if we aren't in the playoffs.

Sorry for the somewhat long winded introduction, I just wanted to tell you a bit about myself, now on to the opinion that I needed to get off my chest...

I think that the Offensive structure and in game playcalling started out slightly incompetently has grown to the point of being woefully inept. Now I am not an expert, nor do I have any special tools or insight beyond any other normal Broncos fan. I don't have any coaches film to analyze each play. I can only judge from what I have seen from the broadcast and the Gamecast Replay. Believe me, I have nothing against the running game. In fact, as an ex-Lineman I love an Offense that shoves the ball down the opposition's throat. I have successfully coached all four of my son's youth football teams running Single Wing & Double Wing Offenses that only throw the ball three times a game. If running is working, then we should keep doing it all stinking day long.

I have three issues with the current state of the Broncos Offensive coaching:
1) We are way too predictable - I usually watch the games with my sons. We can guess the upcoming play call with alarming regularity given the time of the game, the down and the distance. If my 8th grader can tell you what play is coming, what chance do the Broncos have when facing professional coaches. Let's see - 1st down = run, 2nd & 7+ = run, 3rd & short = dive/iso/blast run up the middle, 3rd & 4-8 = shotgun/Tebow draw, 3rd & 9-14 = shotgun/long pass outside the hash marks, 3rd & 15+ = RB Draw/Screen. Through the first 3 quarters these situational play calls have come with an alarming consistency. It is no wonder successes are coming less and less frequently.

2) Our passing game design seems to be lacking - I don't have the film access to verify what I suspect, but i am guessing that the route designs do not help our receivers or TT. The only slants I have seen have been in the Patriot game, I haven't noticed any pick plays or hooks and most glaringly have not seen very much action across the middle of the field. We don't run any quick hitting pass plays. Do we even have any crossing routes in the playbook? I noticed on some of the passing plays they showed the replay on last week that in the 5+ seconds TT held the ball in the pocket that no receiver crossed into area between the hashes. If you watched the Saints game last week a huge percentage Brees' yardage came to receivers wide open on crossing routes.

3) We don't adjust or are very slow to adjust - I mentioned that I have coached my sons in youth football. Now I definitely do not liken my coaching kids to coaching professional athletes, but the are some basic football premises that hold true at every level. I will run the same play the entire game if the Defense cannot stop it. I will take 3 yards a play all the way down the field. When the Defense becomes unsound in other areas of the field to stop what I am doing, THEN I change the series I am running to take advantage of where they are now unsound. McCoy does not seem to grasp this concept. When a Defense brings 8-9 guys in the box, they are selling out to stop the run and/or pressure Tebow if he drops back to pass. It seems that 3 step drops, slants, quick passes and quick seam patterns would be ideal counters to these defenses. For goodness sakes, there is a reason TT Was known for the jump pass at Florida - because it worked! TT faking a QB draw from the shotgun pulls the LB's up. Guess what, that leaves a huge hole in the middle of the field at 7 to 10 yards just begging for a TE. We have even seen the opposite of this when McCoy goes 5 wide shotgun late in these games. We are expected to pass, so there are huge running opportunities and we have seen some of our biggest TT running gains in these situations.

Sorry MHR, I had to just get that off my chest. I actually don't expect to see any differences tomorrow. After all a Fox is a fox and a McCoy is a McCoy. For today I am just going to enjoy the anticipation of waiting in line, then tomorrow I'll get on the coaster again and love the ride!


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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