Astrological Influences of a Wild Card Game

Astrological Influences of Today’s Game

Today the Denver Broncos face off with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time since 2005, nearly 6 years ago. In looking at the organization chart of the Broncos, we can see several heavenly signs indicating their recent success. Unfortunately, they barely won the AFC West championship with an average 8-8 record and run right into the 12-4 Steelers with the number one defense in the league. And Tebow magic has been running on low with the Broncos dropping their last three games in a disappointing conclusion to the 2011 season.

But then there’s the old adage...any team can win on any given the Broncos do have the home field advantage with the cold but sunny land of Colorado covered in snow.

In a recent article (The Star Align For Tebow’s Broncos), I wrote about the astrological influences of the Broncos Superbowl years. Unfortunately for this young team, the best indicators that match the heavenly patterns from the past (namely the planet Uranus aspecting natal Mercury) aren’t coming into their full power until next year and the year after. But this year, they are in weak aspect, which symbolized the team being propelled into the postseason again.

Looking at the planetary alignments for today’s game, we can learn several things. The Moon is in the 12th House Sign of Cancer, which indicates an emotional feeling of loss and disillusionment. So that is not good. But it can also indicate the presence of mystical forces at work, being the house of spirituality. Tebow is known for his praying on the sidelines during the game.

The planet Venus (along with mystical Neptune) is conjunct the Bronco’s Descendant and natal Chiron, which indicates a harmonization vs competition and that the team with the most elegant strategy is likely to pull off the win. Venus conjunct Chiron indicates a healing process wants to happen as the planet of strategy and harmony activates the planet of overcoming adversity to realize your greater destiny. Win or lose, this game and trip to the playoffs is likely to be very healing for this team, preparing the way for future success. Neptune’s presence there adds that otherworldly miraculous effect that can lead to dramatic come-from-behind victories over impossible odds or total disillusionment and despair. Last year, for instance Neptune was conjunct Chiron and the Broncos had the worst season in their history finishing 4-12. Maybe this year they will reach the spiritual heights?

Some say the Broncos will have to get lucky to beat the highly vaunted Steelers. The planet symbolizing luck (or cosmic alignment) is Jupiter and it has reached the Bronco’s 9th House (10th Whole Sign House). The 9th House has to do with exploration, quests, sports and spirituality. There’s no doubt about the influence of spirituality on this year’s Denver Broncos with Tebow’s overt expression of his faith. But if God favors sports, then its likely he’s a Steelers fan too. They are like a disease that has spread out over the planet whirling their terrible towels.

The Sun, center of vitality in this solar system, is crossing the threshold of the 6th House. The ancient Babylonians called this the house of slavery, illness and struggle. In order to win this game the Broncos will have to play the role of the lowly servant, like David facing Goliath, with seeming little hope for success. That’s exactly how the media has portrayed this game. It almost feels like we should just forfeit the game because it will be impossible to win. But Jupiter is also in opposition to Neptune at 4-degrees Scorpio this year which I believe is the source of the string of seemingly-impossible come form behind miraculous victories. This season the Broncos and their fans have seen the depressing lows of 1-4 with Kyle Orton and the highest heights of Tebow time. Then at the end of the season, they plummeted back down into the emotional lows of defeat. Hopefully Tebow can be focused today and summon the divine magic.

The only planet in the heavens that is exactly aspecting natal Mercury (the planet that has obviously propelled the Broncos to success over the years when it is being activated) is Pluto, the lord of the underworld, also known as the God of Hell. And the aspect is a quincunx (150-degrees) which is not pretty. Pluto the planet of death and rebirth is in quincunx to Mercury the planet of intellect and communication. A quincunx aspect angle is about seemingly irreconcilable differences requiring adjustments through ingenuity. Adjustments is the key word. The team that makes the best adjustments today will win. That means the second half will likely decide this game, so expect a defensive struggle that comes down to the wire. If the Broncos can pile on the ingenuity on both offense, defense and special teams, they could upset the Steelers at home. They are picked to lose by 8 or more points!

Ingenuity on offense means they need to combine some historic trick plays (like a throwback to Tebow like the old Elway days) with some plays designed to take advantage of the Steelers Zone-Blitz defense. They need a hot receiver on every pass play whose job it is to go to the vacated area where the 4th blitzer comes from. And Tebow needs to be aware and hit that receiver all day long. Tebow is entering his Progressed Full Moon Phase (signaling a 3.5 year period of life fulfillment), but not until Feb 26th. Hopefully he gets a little inspiration earlier!

Todays’ Wild Card Playoff Game

In looking at the astrological shape of today’s game by watching how the sky changes over Mile High Stadium we can see the turning points in the game that will shape the emotional highs and lows. The game begins at 2:30 PM with Gemini Rising in the East governed by Mercury in Capricorn, an earth sign. So expect the game to be a mental chess match with lots of ground game, pounding the football through running plays as both teams test each other’s metal.

At 3:24 PM, the sky shifts as Cancer begins rising in the east and Mercury conjuncts the Descendant. Expect a dramatic shift in the momentum then, favoring the visiting team with Mercury on the Descendant (setting). Pittsburgh probably scores first!

The next big momentum shift occurs between 4:27 and 4:48 PM, with the Moon rising in the east and the Sun setting in the west, the Full Moon in Cancer that will reach its exact peak 8 hours later. Essentially the lunacy of the Full Moon on the angles during that time period means that craziness ensues. Anything can happen! This is the window where the home team can take advantage, especially since the Broncos are a Leo Sun, Leo rising organization governed by the Sun...and a Moon in Sagittarius (the horsey Centaur sign). With the Moon rising at 4:27 Pm, expect an inspirational emotional high and hope it favors the home team!

The late game favors the Broncos with Leo Rising on the eastern horizon at exactly 5:45:43 PM. Since Tebow is a Leo born on the same day (Aug 14th) as the Broncos organization chart, expect Tebow magic to ensue after this time. I don’t know exactly when that will occur in the game, but with an average 3 1/2 hour game starting at 2:30 PM, that means the game will end around 6 PM. SO expect those last 15 minutes of the game to be crazy indeed, especially with Jupiter the planet of divine inspiration and luck directly overhead in the heavens, visible from the stadium!

In conclusion, most the astrological indicators look like the Broncos will lose a tough one today unless Tebow can summon his magic, Von Miller and Dumervil can pressure and sack Big Ben, and the coordinators can shake things up and surprise the Steelers with ingenious play calling.

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