Steelers vs Broncos: the No Bull Review

WOW! The first playoff victory in over 5 years. 5 FRIGGIN YEARS! On Friday I was at work rockin my colors and a Steeler fan stopped by for some light trash-talk. I replied that I wasn't worried in the least about Pittsburgh...we match up well against them on both sides of the ball especially with an immobile gimpy QB on their side. We weren't even supposed to be in the playoffs this year so everything from here on out is gravy.

Oh how I love me some gravy!

I was really wanting to win this game to validate our season to everyone else. To me it was already a great season. Now I really don't care...NE can beat us by 40 and I'll be happy because our young rebuilding team has some playoff experience and some seriously strong reserves to fall back on for motivation during tough games. I said it after we lost to them earlier though...I want NE again. I don't think for a second that they are that much better than our team. We play like we played in this game and there is no reason why we can't win in Foxborough.

To all the Denver fans out there watching at home or at the all deserve this! Keep cheering for your Orange and Blue!

...and just for the record, I was jumping around yelling and screaming during the TD run by Thomas...knocked over a stool and broke a plate. Good thing I didn't have the good china out!


  • Tebow threw a couple of crap passes, but man his deep ball was cash money in the bank. I think in the off season you will hear and see him working more on his throws to the intermediate routes...those tend to be his weakness. But I can't remember the last time I watched a QB light up a defense down the field like Tebow did today.
  • For the first time I LOVED the QB draw call up inside the 20 that Tebow scored on. Right before the snapped I told my wife, "they need to QB draw this one...there are only 6 guys in the box!" :) Thank you MHR and for educating me so well over the years!
  • Major props to Decker for coming down with that catch when his knee got blown out. God speed on your recovery brotha! Rehab hard and be ready for next year.
  • McGahee did his best to make something out of nothing. I thought the Steelers did an impressive job against the run today. We had very little run room most of the game. They seemed to be dedicated to taking it away. They accomplished that goal in spades. Not knocking McGahee too hard for his fumble...he had it covered up and squeezed. Not much he could have done better from what I saw.
  • Can we get a hallelujah for our pass protection? The O-line was just fantastic all game long in giving Tebow time to throw.


  • Let me start by saying this: Bailey...if you EVER drop a gift-wrapped INT like that again, you are fired. Of all the CBs I want to have a chance at the ball, you are it. Why the F did you drop that ball!? I'm mystified honestly.
  • Von Doom both looked great rushing all game long. There were at least 2 times Dumerville got held and the refs didn't call it.
  • In the run game in the 2nd half I was less than impressed by the play of our LBs. A couple of times 2 of them would crash the same gap...and guessed wrong. Both times it led to big runs. Discipline guys!
  • Quinton Carter was playing like a vet this game. It was the first time all year I was impressed with a safety not named Dawkins on our team for more than one play in a game. Great job kid. Keep it up man...we NEED good safety play!
  • Harris may well be a starting CB for us next year. This kid has the goods...I know I've said it before, but it is so worth repeating.
  • Ayers was relentless...after I've been down on him a bit lately he just comes storming back on the scene making plays and pushing the pocket.

Special Teams:

  • We played solid in ST. The coverage was good, the kicking was spot on.
  • Eddie is really trying to make something happen in the return game and I love it. You can tell his mindset is to take it to the house when he has a returnable ball. He has a very good chance to break one next week vs NE I think. He just looks hungry for it and has for two weeks now.


  • I was thoroughly concerned about our offense after the first two drives...I just kept counting defenders in the box and yelling at McCoy to call some passes. Pittsburgh at times had 9 guys up at the line. You HAVE to throw at the man coverage to loosen that junk up in the NFL. I'm glad we did...McCoy for the first time this year seemed to make some fantastic adjustments as the game went on and got more and more aggressive.
  • That call in OT was just pure incredible and predictable. The long ball had been there all game long. We just got to overtime and you figure we'd start out with a run to get the drive you call a deep post by DT. The second Tebow did play action and I saw the saftey flying up I knew we had a chance to ice it. WTF was Lebeau thinking? I mean don't keep a safety back to protect the deep ball? That was two tons of Epic NFL FAIL in my book. I'm just an armchair QB and I friggin saw it coming.
  • On the other hand, Allen looked like a fool in the 2nd half on the drive where he tried rushing three and dropping the rest into zone coverage. There is a time for was later in the game when Pittsburgh needed a FG and had to get yards...but in the middle of the 2nd half you keep playing aggressive and go after the QB.
  • Fox showed some clock-management smarts taking a time out before the half to force a punt. The announcers mentioned it after I had said it was smart. If you don't take a TO, they run the clock down and take a shot at the end zone for the last play of the half.

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