Random Rants and Rewards - Wild Card

It's felt like forever since I've written here. Before you go and accuse me of only writing when the Broncos are playing well; I wrote right after we got beat by the Patriots. This is my first full week since the holiday season. All the time with family and friends took up my spare time to script my thoughts on a keyboard. Don't get me wrong, I was tuned in with our team the whole time. Really disappointing how we ended the regular season, but all bets are off now that we're in the playoffs. No matter how you get there, it's what you do with the opportunity that counts. What happened during the regular season has no bearing on the outcome of this race. And we're off to a great start!

"You could get with this, or you could get with that"

Anyone still b*tchin that we took Demaryius over Dez Bryant? Thomas was tied with Calvin Johnson just last month for the most receiving yards in the NFL! That's production. And fittingly, both of these Georgia Tech receivers went over the 200 yard mark in their very first playoff games! Dez is a playmaker, but he's only broken the 100 yard mark ONCE! 104 yards to be exact. And that's with a pass happy Cowboys squad. Sure Thomas has injury concerns, but so does Dez. I think we made the right decision in going the "safer" route and drafting DT over DB. I'm definitely loving what a healthy Demaryius looks like.

Let's Go Primetime

As a Rhode Island Bronco fan, I've had very limited access to watching Broncos games. This year I went with the NFL ticket since it was free to new DirecTv customers. I usually think twice about spending $300+ on the NFL ticket, but it's something I would have to do. But can you deny that we will see a whole lot of prime time games in 2012? I might not need to purchase the NFL ticket next year. I'm hoping for 8 prime time games. Anyone know if the primetime game schedule is released before the season starts? It may have bearing on my decision to spend the dough.

"Run Forrest, Run"

Can someone please teach Demaryius how to run in the open field? Several times this year he's caught the ball deep down the field with just 1 man to beat and he cuts back and forth right into the defender. There have been games in the past month where he's had a clear path to the endzone but he just didn't trust in his own speed. That 58 yard catch on the numbers had touchdown written all over it but he decided to run right into Ike Taylor. The good news is, this is very easy to correct. Just outrun the defender like you did in over time. I mean, you were one of the fastest WR's in your draft class. Trust your speed. I know he's young and I'm sure he'll correct this pretty quick. Even his coach told him after that play to just use your speed.


Thank you to the WR's this week for making key catches when we needed them most. Sure there was the usual drops, but the catches were more significant. Even the TE's got involved this week. Good game guys and glad you stepped up in the biggest game of the year so far. Let's keep getting better. You guys will have your shots this week against the Patriots defense.

Hard Work Pays Off

Compare video of Tebow against Miami in his first start to this game we just witnessed. DRASTIC development. It wasn't the scrambles for first down that stood out to me the most. I haven't rewatched the game yet, but there was a play where Tebow took just a short step forward and a short step to the right that really stood out to me. His footwork in the pocket on that play was brilliant. He got himself a clear passing lane with just 2 little steps. Something he was not doing earlier in the year. Back then, he would have tucked the ball and ran. Really glad to see "QB" development with his footwork.

Backwards Lateral

It was clearly a live ball when the Steelers tried that screen to Mike Wallace and Dumervil pounced on the ball. Thank you to Champ for reading the play perfectly and breaking it up from the WR. Love Champ. That play was nearly the momentum swing that loses it for teams. Consider the Ed Hocholi Karma repaid.

War of the Roses

My wife is a die hard Patriots fan. I am a die hard Broncos fan. I will sleep with one eye open all week as I wear my fancy new Tebow jersey I received for Christmas. She's a big Tebow fan(we're both Filipino) but she isn't rooting for him this week. When we lost to the Patriots in week 15, I posted on facebook that "we shall meet again". And here we are and I like our chances. Those 3 turnovers really hurt, but I feel the young safeties that had to take over for Dawkins was just as crucial. Now that they've gotten their feet wet and the game has started to slow down for them, this will be a different game. There were tons of blown coverages in that first game. After the way Bruton and Carter played this week, I'm confident we can hang around with the Patriots. And we all know what time it is in the 4th quarter!

Little Quick Notes

  • Robert Ayers has the game of his life at just the right time. Let's keep it going!
  • Can we see a little more Jeremiah Johnson please? He has the burst to be a difference maker.
  • Brady Quinn Package - Hogwash
  • Is Rahim Moore still on the team?
  • Did Julius Thomas declare for the NBA?

Here we go folks. Divisional Playoffs against the number 1 seed. I always loved being the underdog. Go Broncos!

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