Some musings

First of all: HOLY HELL, HOW EXCITING WAS THAT?! The girlfriend and I were over at a Steeler fan's place to watch the game, and even said Steelers fan was amazed at how "on" Tebow was, how good DT was looking, and how the Broncos looked so confident and mature as a team.

We deserve this! Too long has Broncos Country been devoid of a good playoff win. Let's jump to some of the questions I have about our win yesterday, and facing Mr. Gisele Bundchen & Co. next week

1) Dick LeBeau was adamant in sticking to man-coverage with little to no safety help for most of the game. This was one of the reasons we were able to get the big plays. Having been the number one pass defense in the league this year, how were we able to create so much dissonance in their secondary? Is it that their pass-rushers are usually creating a lot of pressure and not allowing QBs to get into the flow of things? Or is it that Ike Taylor is just getting old and is no longer the threat he used to be?

2) How does one now plan to defend Denver? Pittsburgh seemed to stack the box against the run, but they rarely seemed to blitz. I was caught up in the moment, so I wasn't really paying attention to their defensive packages. Polamalu was everywhere yesterday, but the Broncos were able to exploit the fact that Steeler safeties constantly cheated to try and stop the run. Do we have a similar outcome against Patrick Chung? If they leave Chung to read pass/run and make that decision, do the Pats open up running opportunities?

3) Some of the balls Tebow threw were placed perfectly, albeit not necessarily the best looking spirals. Does this impact his ability to make the short timed routes? If NE decides to keep safety support at all times to prevent the deep ball, what kind of progress can we make in our running game?

Tactically, I understand what the possibilities are, but I'm not all too familiar with NE's defensive packages - if any MHR faithful (or curious NE fans) can shed some light on some of my questions, I'd much appreciate it!


PS - I wonder who we pick 32nd?

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