Champ "Bat-Out-Of-Hell" Bailey

There's some great on-the-ground HD footage of Demaryius Thomas' final touchdown catch/run, and this sequence of pics really jumped out at me.


Check out the ball-boy! He's like three yards out on the field!


The ref is just trying to stay upright from amidst all the pandemonium. Hope he doesn't get tackled by the ball-boy.


You can see a very happy John Fox right on the left side of the picture, and I think that's Mike McCoy right next to him. And, more happy ball-boys!


Ok, wait - who's that just under John Fox's right shoulder? I do believe that's our friend Mister Bailey, making his move.


Champ is already in mid-sprint, ready to bust through the line!


Most of the Broncos are still confused, not sure what's happening, but not Champ! He's cutting around John Fox, with McCoy behind him.


Champ is freaking out!! McCoy has his hand around Champ's jersey, trying to hold him back!


GET OFFA ME, MIKE MCCOY! I'm runnin' down the sideline!!!!


Champ's already off the screen, running down the field. And there's a happy John Fox.


Yes, that is a cheering John Elway over DT's right shoulder.


I just like this shot. They couldn't catch him.


Check out the happy security guard!


I think those guys in black are The Adjusters. They'll disappear into a doorway soon, their work done.


First guy to congratulate DT in the tunnel? Random Guy In Hat. Hey, way to go, Random Guy In Hat!


But the first player to get to DT? That would be Champ. He got there ahead of Eddie Royal, who was actually running a route down that side of the field!


This game means something.


Coming out of the tunnel, the world has changed...


Thank you, Demaryius Thomas!

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