Random Rants and Rewards - Raiders

Awesome game! Finally we get a decisive win. No waiting until the last 2 minutes of the game to know if your team is going to win. At half time, I wrote a note questioning when we would finally get a blow out victory instead of a hard fought battle for 60 minutes. I was jealous of the elite teams that did it more often than not. What made this blowout win even more gratifying is that it was against the Raiders!

Playing With the Big Boys

It's been such a long time since we had ourselves an elite QB. Plummer tried his best. Cutler had the potential, but no one reached that elite echelon. Not since Elway. Peyton looked outstanding on Sunday. You just knew that those 3rd downs would get converted. That TD's were going to be scored. It was a pleasure watching this team play complete complementary football in the second half. Having balance on offense keeps the defense off rhythm and both the pass and rush game was clicking off each other. Did we even have any 3 and outs on offense because it seemed like the Raiders entire second half was a 3 and out. I would have liked to see more sacks, but all in all this was an awesome "team" win.

Here They Come

We finally started bringing extra guys on passing downs. The pressure clearly got to Carson. Though we weren't getting sacks, we were affecting the pass game with all the pressure. Actually even when we weren't getting sacks, we were getting sacks(Chris Harris). JDR got aggressive this week and went after the Raiders. It was a treat to see Carson working out his limbs on the sideline.

Indispensable Bench Warmer?

David Bruton has been with the team for years, but just can't get over the hump to starter level. What Bruton brings to the team is a Pro-Bowl special teamer! Like the Keith Burns of this generation Broncos, he just keeps making plays on special teams. He didn't give the coaches a choice but to keep him on the roster as a 3rd team safety. Usually the first man down to cover punts and first man to the punter making blocks. That's 3 blocks this season already(including preseason). Those are game changer plays. Glad we kept him around.

Amoeba D

I liked watching our defense line up like the Falcons did against us. A lot of people tend to forget that this is only the 4th game of this new defense. We expect instant results and get disappointed when we give up points to the Falcons and Texans. We even blame this team for all the 3rd downs conversions given up like it's the same old defense. Well, it's also the same old scenario. Year after year, 7 years in a row, there has been a new D coordinator. Try learning a new language every year. See how fluent you are in any of them. So it pleases me to see that our coaches aren't stuck in their old fashioned ways and actually learning in the process. The amoeba defense seemed to work and confused the blocking scheme of the Raiders. It's exciting to know, that the defense hasn't even peaked yet.

Missing Middle

Can we draft our MLB of the future already? Manti Teo anyone? Any chance he drops that far in the first round? Joe Mays has his goods and bads. Better suited as a depth player on running downs. That is if he doesn't over run the play and 'ole in the hole. And Brooking just isn't capable anymore. I haven't been impressed with his signing at all. He's too slow to the hole and he takes terrible angles. I don't know what he was thinking this game. He took some angles like he was 10 years younger and that he was going to run down McFadden. When can we have our own version of Patrick Willis?

Clock Is Ticking

How much longer does Moreno have on this team? Hillman showed that homerun potential and basically erased Moreno's value to the team. I still don't like Ball and can't figure out why the coaches love him so much, but he did score a TD. I'm sure Moreno would have scored on the same play, but he didn't. I'm a Moreno supporter but at this point, it doesn't look good for him. Hillman will only get more and more carries as the season moves along. The Sauce has sizzled...

Total Defense

The defensive line has been outstanding this year. Plenty of people were roasting ElFox about how they didn't address our weakest position. Well, looks like they actually know just a little bit more than the fans do. Darren McFadden salivated whenever he saw the Broncos were on the schedule. He always killed us. But not today! The defense held him to 34 measly yards. The Raiders couldn't get anything going on offense and it was plain beautiful. 56 total rushing yards? When was the last time we did that? Thank you Mr. Elway for continuing to give back to the organization. Haha, people said he was in way over his head. He didn't know what he was doing....yada yada crow yada. Oh, and do we really need D.J. back? It would be a big slap in the face to Woodyard if he is replaced once the "captain" of our defense comes back. Trade bait?

Little Quick Notes:

  • Aside from JD Walton, we come away from another game unscathed. I want to give a great big THANK YOU to Luke Richesson and what his staff has been able to do for our team. We are rather healthy compared to previous seasons. Might be one of the most unnoticed signings of the season.
  • Man, our punt return game is pathetic. It's painful to even watch. At least we're securing the ball so I can't complain as much as I'd like to. I'm still skeptical. Can we at least get someone back there that runs faster than me?
  • Marcel always burns the Broncos. As much trouble as DMC has given this defense, Marcel is right behind him. He came right out with familiar success, but the defense locked down and stumped the entire Raider offense the rest of the game.
  • Orlando Franklin is quietly having a great season. He has really improved his pass blocking and his run game is tops on our team. He's a mauler when it's time to run block and now he's added pass blocking to his repertoire. Am I crazy or is Franklin really impressing you too?
  • Shane Lechler had an OUTSTANDING day. He had a monster 349 yards on the game and that's with the 2 yard blocked punt! He's well on his way to another Pro-Bowl. But what's even MORE impressive is the 0 yards Britton Colquitt punted for. When your punter punts for 0 yards, it's 100% chance you win the game. I guess I'll take it.

Here we go, Patriots week. I live in RI so I'm in enemy territory again. Last time we faced off, I was really lonely. All the Patriots fans around me didn't even want to celebrate too much because it was obvious how heated I was. Well, this isn't the same Broncos team. The Patriots are actually pretty lucky that they are getting the Broncos so early in the season, but this is another great match up for the Broncos and after this weekends blowout victory, I'm a little more confident that I won't be so quiet this time around. Go Broncos!

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