An Objective Attempt

Its been an exciting 2012 season so far although we're sitting at 2-3 and another prime time meeting against San Diego. Couldn't tell any of you when was the last time I was this excited about the Broncos. Well maybe 2007 or 2008 but we're exactly like that team. Learning to win ball games while the young talent develop and grow at the speed known as the NFL.

Now there are some points many MHR faithfuls point out and I try my best to see it from their point of view. However, there are some things I just don't get. Before I touch up on some of the points I'd like to make I want to ask: Do any of you still compete? I mean I do play QB at an adult flag football league but who am I kidding right? Screw that, even I can throw a WR open (I can't throw beyond 50 yards but trust me, no one is breaking the 5.0 40 yard dash).

We have a basic offense modelled after some high school plays, Madden, and West Coast Offense principles. We do ok considering my WRs are constantly hung over or still nursing some muscle pull. This year I managed to not break anyone's fingers. Well this is exactly what the Broncos are going through. Sorta but enough about me.

We have a new QB. In case any of you haven't noticed he took off for a year to hang out in Europe for some fancy surgery to further enhance is cognitive response speed along with his motor skills. Not exactly but I ask anyone who's played the game and took some time off to try jumping right back in. Let me know how easy it is. Manning is doing better than fine. Coaches are doing fine. We just need to do better at maintaining balance. That simple. Need proof? Look below

But after the Broncos opened the regular season by calling 27 run plays and 28 passes in the victory over the Steelers, they've diverted from their original plan. So far, the Broncos have called passes on 61.0 percent of their plays—and in their three losses, they have passed on 67.8 percent of their plays.


This is from and calls out the overall offense deficiency as it pertains to the run game. I've been trying to say all along that we need to do better at running the ball. Controlling the LOS and TOP is a tremendous asset in winning football games. Maybe we need to let Moreno out of the doghouse and allow him to earn his way back into the team just release the guy. I'm a Jersey guy and Ball (from Teaneck NJ) and Moreno are Jersey boys but Moreno should be in there. So he fumbled once. At this point one should ask, what Bronco hasn't?

The Broncos' imbalance is a result of the deficits they've faced. In the past four games, Denver has been down by at least two scores more than half of the time—120:08 of a possible 240 minutes. Denver's proclivity for slow starts has forced the offense into pass-intensive, hurry-up mode and has often made Willis McGahee more of a pass catcher than a runner. That's not the best role for him, as evidenced by a crucial fourth-down drop at New England last Sunday that helped derail the Broncos’ attempt to overcome a 31-7 deficit.

Now the above makes me wonder how much of the TOP has to do with the degree we're passing ball versus the TO's we've had and how the teams chose a more conservative approach to a. play keep away from Manning and bleed the clock and b. control the pace of the game and TOP.

What does bother me is the point the author makes about McGahee being a pass catcher. I'd like that role more for Moreno who always ran hard. I'm not sold on Hillman quite yet and the signing of Holliday, which to me is a similar player as Hillman but with an emphasis on special teams, just adds to the doubt.

I expect the Broncos to continue improve because no two games has been a repeat of any previous game. Sure we have three losses and its well documented that all three were in the playoffs and current Super Bowl contenders. We have been able to stop teams and move the ball on those teams. Its just a matter of putting it all together. I know why Manning wants to throw the ball. He has something to prove but I get it. You're making a comeback but I have your back. Just like I have McCoy's and Fox's backs as well.

We're watching some good football people. Shall I remind you the embarrassing performances such as Miami and KC to name a few? Sometimes an upgrades requires a delay before its fully operational. I'm all in who else is with me?

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