Where Do The Broncos Rank Around The Web: Week 7

Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Broncos had a historic win. How does the media perceive the team now?

Wow. What a game. I am still shocked. I can say that on twitter I tweeted "Game Over" when San Diego had 24. This team seemed to prove me wrong. I continued to call out players and they would step up. I should do that more often.

On a national stage, lets see how the media saw the win in the Week 7 Edition of the Power Rankings.

Pro Football Talk - 10

Tim Tebow said after last night's stunning comeback by Peyton Manning, "Get back to me when he walks on water."

Yahoo Sports - 9 (Last week 11)

Peyton Manning went 13-14 for 167 yards in the second half on Monday Night, and that's all really really good. And the Broncos are good and still getting better. All that is worth mentioning but I find it difficult to grade Denver's Monday night performance, since it happened against an all-encompassing cataclysm from the Chargers.

Fox Sports - 13 (Last week 17)

Great comeback, or epic Chargers collapse, depending on how you look at it, but what's with the Broncos receivers' trouble in the open field? One week Demaryius Thomas fumbles the ball when no one is around him, and now Eric Decker trips over the 45 yard line with no one around him.

CBS Sports - 7 (Last week 17)

That 24-point comeback was special Monday night. The season was going bad if that didn't happen. P.S.: Peyton Manning can still play.

ESPN - 12 (Last week 17)

The Broncos survived a brutal six-game stretch and now sit at .500 with a much-needed week off.

SB Nation - 11 (Last week 19)

35 unanswered points is impressive. Really impressive.

Bleacher Report - 10 (Last Week 13)

Peyton Manning put on a clinic in the second half as the Broncos scored 25 unanswered points to gain first place in the AFC West. That was vintage Peyton.

There is seven of them and I think you can tell we gained a lot of respect from the media. There should be no questions about Peyton Manning anymore. This team is not without problems but the Broncos could easily be down 2 games going into their bye week. The meat of the schedule is past, the Broncos are 2-0 in the division and tied for in the AFC West. Only 2 teams in the AFC have a better record and both are starting to take key injuries. The Broncos can do this. The Broncos can be great. They just need to find out ways to get started quicker and not make key mistakes. They will figure it out. As long as that damn blade of grass does not get in our way again.

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