Quick Snaps: Reactions: the Chargers

Wow. What a win. That was just what the doctor ordered.

Special Teams: Omar Bolden and Trindon Holliday: Special Teams weren't that special yesterday. A fumble from each cost us big time (to the tune of 10 points). That has to end. Prater didn't have to do anything too strenuous and Colquitt was his usual dominating self.

Matthew Willis: Ouch. You have to know the routes better than that. I am assuming that he just ran the wrong route there. That was bad and that let Quentin Jammer score his first career TD (that's incredible) on a pick 6. Our options outside our top 3 receivers are dismal: Willis can't play too well and Andre Caldwell isn't exactly a stud. However, our top 3 receivers dominated.

Eric Decker: Well except for that phantom tackle (give him a break! Grass can be slippery, haha) Mr. Decker had himself an excellent day. 6 catches, 98 yards, 1 TD. Honestly, what's not to like about Eric Decker? This guy has earned himself a spot in the rotation for a reason

Demaryius Thomas: Nice catch DT. Just keep holding that football around practice and you should be good to go.

Brandon Stokley: All hail Stokley! That was a heck of a night. Caught every ball thrown his way with a TD to boot. He's fast and slippery. I was highly in favor of this signing because this is what he can do and I'm glad that he's doing it for us. Kudos for the block and push on Decker's TD.

Interesting fact: we made 1 trip to the Red Zone last night. It's nice to know that you don't have to get there to score with Manning at the helm.

Penalties: This might be a minor area of concern. 10 penalties, 81 yards. That could be just one game, and let's hope that it is just an isolated incident.

Peyton Manning: The biggest comeback of a Hall of Fame career. That was a huge win for PFM and he knows it. The previous one was a lot more on him. (see here: In that game, the Colts defense got one turnover and Peyton managed to win. It must be a lot more comfortable to have a defense that can get 6 turnovers in a game.

O-line: We allowed a grand total of 0 sacks and 1 QB hit (from Shaun Phillips, he of 4.5 sacks on the year). That is domination.

And now we come to the exciting part: the defense!!

Joe Mays: Joe who? Joe "1 assisted tackle" Mays.

Keith Brooking: Keith who? Keith "Starting-linebacker-five-tackles-excellent-night" Brooking.

You know this moment was coming. Tony Carter and Chris Harris: This is rapidly proving itself to be one of if not the best secondaries in the league. Our safeties are slightly below average but our corners are playing simply phenomenally. Tracy Porter might have just been shown out of some serious playing time. There's not much more I can say about these two. Combined for four turnovers and 12 points. Champ Bailey added 4 tackles and a TFL. This CB set has been wonderful. It's nice to see that. Now one begins to wonder if Tracy Porter will return after his 1 year contract ends at the end of the season. We might be set for future CB play, especially if Omar Bolden can improve. This future is bright.

Jim Leonhard: He might not get much return time with Trindon Holliday on the team, but that takeaway was absolutely beautiful. With the other backup safety being David Bruton who sees mostly special teams action, Leonhard might see the field more.

Elvis Dumervil, Derek Wolfe, Von Miller: Make way for the pass rush elite. Four sacks, three QB hits, 3 TFL and a grand total of 11 tackles between the three of them. They can absolutely dominate now with a rapidly improving secondary behind them.

The San Diego crowd seemed to be all Broncos fans, didn't it? Nice representation California Broncos fans!

Phillip Rivers: Hahahahahahahahahaha. Six turnovers? From one player? That output is actually two more than the Broncos had gotten all season long from all five opponents combined.

Grading it out:

Offensive Run Game: C- (against Patriots was C-)

Last week we had 70 yards rushing which I gave a grade of a C-. Against the Chargers we produced a total of 57 yards rushing, which should be a lower grade but we win so everything gets a little higher in a win.

Offensive Pass Game: A (was A-)

I don't know how much you can explain this. The pick 6 hurt, but that appeared to be on Matthew Willis and so I'll give PFM a pass and give the unit an A.

Offensive defending the pass rush: A (B-)

309 yards. Threw the ball 30 times, and only end up with 1 QB hit and no sacks? That's an A.

Defensive Run Game: B+ (was F)

We allowed 90 yards rushing. We could have done better but I'm still not complaining.

Defensive Pass Game: A- (was C+)

Rivers threw for 242 in 41 attempts with an average of 5.9 and four interceptions. Domination. Well done defense.

Defensive pass Rush: A (was A-)

Absolutely marvelous. See above.

Special Teams: C- (was B)

Subpar day by the special teams unit. Fumbles cost us.

Overall: A- (was B-)

We have definitely made major progress since last week. Joe Mays out was a huge factor. The defense made a huge step up and the offense kept playing at a high level.

Final route last week:

Win the Turnover battle. That's what's always done us in. That will be key in the future games.

OK. Any questions here? We dominated the turnover battle and, while I'm not happy with us giving the ball away 3 times, we definitely won this one.

Final route:

There are two things that jump to my attention. First, the running game needs to step up. We ran it 22 times for an average of 2.6. Now I realize that when you're behind 24-0 you have to throw the ball, but that needs to improve a bit.

Secondly, we need to cover tight ends better.

In our previous games, starting tight ends (Heath Miller, Tony Gonzalez, Owen Daniels, Brandon Myers, Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Gates) have combined for 25 catches for 284 yards (an average of 11.4) and 5 TDs. Next week (after the bye) we will be facing Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints, another of the athletic-type TEs. This is one thing we really have to plan for because we have struggled to cover TEs we've faced so far.

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