Orange-Tinted Glasses -- Broncos @ Chargers 2nd Half

I decided to rewatch the 2nd half of the game. I'll skip on the first half, I think lol. I had at least one thought I wanted to note, so I figured I'd start scrawling them down, and if I have enough for a real post, I'll post it.

My disclaimer: I'm not really a football guy. Haven't played, just tried to pick up what I can from watching and playing a tiny bit of Madden. If I'm wrong about some stuff, let me know, for sure.

On the Broncos 1st second half drive, we run a play action out of a 12 set that resulted in a first down completion to Decker on what I believe was a hook route. How cool is it that we can run play action on a two tight end set now? Think back to two years ago, when all our tight ends had stone hands. If they were on the field, it was going to be a run. If it did turn out to be a pass, it would be a drop most likely. (Rewatched to check if I was right about the personnel grouping. I was. Also cool was that we motioned the WR on the right in just before the snap, enhancing the illusion that we were going to run.)

On DT's touchdown reception, I'm not sure why the safety was so late getting there. On watching again, it's Weddle. I don't see any reason per se. There was play action on the play to McGahee, but Weddle doesn't bite at all. He stays in his zone deep left. He just reacts really late, like maybe a beat after Manning throws. It seems to take him just a bit too long to get there. I guess you could chalk it up to exploiting a gap between the zones, or you could say it's Weddle's fault for taking too long to realize he needed to help Jammer over the top. 12 set, the receiver on the left might have held Weddle by really driving on his out route. Or maybe Manning looked Weddle off, but my resolution is too poor to tell. Mulling this over, however, poor play by Weddle. Given the choice of receivers to stay over top of, you'd think a safety would help the guy on Thomas.

Rivers should have been able to step up into the pocket on Carter's fumble return TD. That's on him. It was shotgun, so no drop to blame it on.

Throughout the game, really, you see a wide receiving core that really excels in blocking. This has to help with our YAC, which it seems we get a lot of this year. This I noticed on a play where Decker went to block 81, I think, and the tight end threw him off. Up runs Stokley, as if to start a fight, but instead he just moves to block 81 himself just as the play is over. Our WR corps has a dedication to blocking that I like.

Something that struck me... 2nd and 1 at the Charger 16 at the beginning of the 4th Q. We're in a single back formation with Tamme to the left, and we run for the 1st down with McGahee. Tamme actually had the key block. It was an ugly block, but we got the 1st. I thought I recalled another decent run play with Tamme as the lone TE, too. It just strikes me because I thought of Dreessen as our balanced TE. If I saw Tamme in that 11 set, I would think pass. It's just interesting that it was still a run, and the run got it done.

Looked to me like Miller got hurt on the play that saw Bannan get hurt, but I didn't see what happened to him. I just saw him kneeling by Bannan.

I heard some wondering how we shut out Gates in the 2nd half. So far, I've seen Brooking covering him once. I saw Woodyard cover him once. Von Miller covered him the next play. None of the above plays were designed for Gates. I honestly didn't see Gates running a lot of routes, or really any designed to get him the ball in the 2nd half. I saw him on a lot of running plays mostly.

On the Stokley touchdown, we're in a 11 set with a TE to the left. There's 7 guys in the box, but the safety to the left creeps up and Manning audibles. This leaves the other safety to help deep on either Stokley or Decker when they come up the field from the right side, which means that when Decker goes inside he draws the safety help, which creates the one on one with Stokley outside, and the rest is a badass play between two awesome veterans. I'm guessing this is once again Weddle being iced out of the play, though this time it's more of Manning just beating the Chargers defensive design than beating Weddle himself.

The quality of my playback sucks because I guess my old computer gives me crap bandwidth. So I can't see number on guys presnap a lot of the times. This made me notice how big Decker is. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's him or one of our tight ends out wide.

On the Decker PI call, it was just a great throw and catch. I'm not 100% up on my football, but I think that's a back-shoulder throw, indefensible. The DB looks late, but he's already beat as Decker adjusts to the ball. The DB looks inside, which turns his hips to the interior of the field. Decker pivots and turns through the DB at that point to catch the ball outside. It's a timing and execution play. Handfighting is incidental and goes both ways. There's no need to PI the DB because he beat himself by turning inside. Terrible call.

Was it just me, or was Rivers crying on the sideline after the Harris pick six? He kept pulling his helmet halfway off, and his face looked awful wet...

As I thought during the game, Miller tried to do his promotional sack dance on that last possession. God, what a terrible dance they designed for him. It looks out of place on the football field.

Rivers seemed afraid to step up or step into his throws despite that we didn't have that much pressure up the middle much of the time. This did seem to make a lot of his throws short or otherwise inaccurate.

Well, that's all my thoughts. Don't look for this to be a regular feature because I doubt my insights are all that great. I could only notice this much on a rewatch, too, because in a live game I kind of get unfocused and just enjoy the flow of the game. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reveling in a victory.

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