why Denver Could Go 13-3

after the 1st half on MNF I Was like ok This new Manning Off will take a full year to put in and we will make our run in 2013

But The 2nd Haif Was A Season Changer This Will sound Crazy to some of u And I Mean no Dis To my Friends At BRB BB And PP But Denver is the AFC Fav To Get to New Orleans Here why

1 Our Sch Eases up to the point where 6-4 Over the Last 10 Games is the worse case ser

2 Here why we should be Fav in 9 or our next 10 games

NO- Great Off Still but they should be 0-5 or 1-4 beating KC Their D Relies on Pressers And if they get none they are toast they are a 3-5 Type of Road Team even in their peak But now They have no 1 RB No Speed WR and When they get Down they panic brees is still great but they are waiting for 2013 Odds of a win 65

@ CINY - We Need Ciny to beat PITT Because that will lower their uregry a little but that said Den can stop their run And if they can force Dalton into 2nd and long 3rd and long that should force a pick or two And i expect Manning to throw for 350 Yards and 3 TD'S Against Ciny CB'S Odds 56

@ Car This is the Cam Show u take away his running abily and he will press that said they will keep it close but manning should win it late odds 60

SD I Expect SD To be 5-4 Going in to Denver but i think we could blow them out Rivers will have to play near peract do not force anything but i expect us to sack rivers 3 or 4 times and get 2-3 picks and manning to pull away in the 4th odds 57

@ KC Most Years this would Be A VERY VERY Tough game but if u cotrain Charles u win KC Cannot score more than 20 a game and Their team is falling aprapt expect a new coach and gm when their season is over odds 59

TB - Before the season i through this game would be easy it still might be but expect Tampa to grind but i do not think they can score enrouh to beat us in Denver odds 54

@ Oak - Yes we are way better than them but this game could be a trap game with TB Physical play and with Balt coming up we might look past them odds 51

@ Balt - Before the Season I Had this as a L But now With no Lewis and webb And Balt playing NO-HUDDLE it plays into our hands odds 52

Cle - no dis to Cleland at all but they have next to no chance unless we have 4 Turnover or more and they have none Denver Should Win by 3 TD'S Odds 85

KC - This Should be a blowout as Manning will want to get ready for the playoffs odds 75

And in the NFL These Days if u get in with a Etile QB The seed does not matter

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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