Luff Rumblings, Version 8

Howdy, folks! Been a while! As usual, I miss you all dearly.

Feel free to call me a front-runner as it seems I only post after we do something awesome. This is only coincidence, however, as working full time along with school, eating and cooking right while working out strenuously to stay Luffabo sexy have been eating up most of my time.

Anyways, I've had some thoughts bouncing around in this noggin' of mine since Peyton came on board and have been wanting to get it all out. So, here goes! As usual, I'll try to stay away from topics that have been harped on ad nauseum already (translation: I won't talk too much about Peyton).

Rumble with me to Luff Land, once again!

Oh when the Saints, Oh when the Saints, Oh when the Saints come Marching innnnnnnnn!

They get creamed. Goodness gracious was that fantastic or what?

Team effort, from top to bottom. Game balls to everyone. I have to admit that I was fairly worried about the game last night. I always worry about rust and complacency coming off a bye, playing a downtrodden but dangerous team at home. Our defense, specifically the secondary, had not shown the ability to shut down elite passing attacks until last night. They did that in spades.

The defensive game plan was solid. And we're starting to see the true benefit of having the ability to bring consistent pressure on the quarterback while only rushing four guys. When you can send extra men into coverage because Doom, Wolfe, Vickerson, Von & Co. can bring enough heat to hurry up the play for the quarterback, everything gets easier. And starting with the second half against San Diego, we've seen how good our defense can be when that happens. While they didn't compile their usual gaudy statistics, Von and Elvis were nevertheless omnipresent as per their usual. We are starting to see offenses truly respect what those guys are capable of, and we're starting to see the rest of the defense benefit from that respect and attention. Teams feel forced to double team both Von and Elvis these days, and they're both so damn good they can still bring pressure against those double teams. Ditto for Wolfe. His impact may not be obvious via stats and advanced metrics (And ProFootballFocus and their well-documented stats for Wolfe as one of the worst graded defenders in the league can plain kiss my ass. The dude is a baller and a pest to every team he's gone against so far. Dirty work doesn't show up in silly stats, always remember that.)

Back to the point, our secondary is playing better... everyone can see this. This is happening because our front is finally capable of bringing consistent pressure and also stopping the run with less guys... freeing up the secondary to both play with more numbers and better confidence. It's a recipe for success, and a recipe that should continue to get more complicated and continue to improve.

My biggest wish for this off-season?

That JDR comes back for at least one more year as our D-Coordinator. I can already see the Eagles or the Chiefs or someone prying him away from us for their head coaching position, and I vote we make a resolution to collectively say, "you'll have to pry him from our cold, dead fingers!". If he is tempted to leave, I say we pay him near head coach money to keep him here. With the potential of this team going forward, I hope Del Rio recognizes the opportunity to be part of something special and sticks with us.

Luff Luvins'

I'm just going to pass some luv along to players that I think deserve it, in random fashion, of course.

He's a hot topic nowadays, so I'll keep it brief. I called this one a while back, and since I'm so often wrong (like I was in supporting the McDaniels regime, for instance) I feel the need to brag shamelessly when I get something right. Demaryius Thomas is quickly turning into one of the best in the game. The announcer picked it out last night, but DT's route-running and "secondary receiver skills" are starting to catch up to his enormous potential. If he continues on this trend of improving the little things and truly unleashing his physical talent... WATCH OUT WORLD. This guy could be considered THE elite receiver in the league by as early as next year. 1,500 yards and around 15 touchdowns are not out of the equation, in my opinion. And since I called him out a little bit ago, I will give him thanks all the same... Thank you Josh McDaniels for drafting DT over Dez Bryant. I will always be thankful to you for that, if nothing else.

And the really, really exciting part is that Decker is just about as good. Mr. MF'in Manning is no doubt ecstatic at his choice to join our team. He's got a better O-line than I ever remember him having in Indy, receivers who should be on par or better than the stellar Wayne/Harrison combo by next year, a deep and impressive stable of tight ends, and a strong group of running backs. What else could he ask for? Nothing, really.

Virgil Green. I see you. Keep doing those big-boy ballerina type things. You'll be doing just fine.

Danny Trevathan. This guy has a nose for the ball, and reminds me of our very own Wesley Woodyard (Can someone clear this up for me? Why in the world would his last name be pronounced Wood-Yard? Shouldn't it be Woodyerd? Always drives me nuts). Just like young Wesley, Trevathan is one of those guys who seems to have that ability to get himself into a play and make things happen. We saw him make tackles last night and do a pretty damn good job in coverage. Which is precisely what we've been lacking for years from our linebacking corps. I see nothing but good things coming from him in the future, undersized or not.

The entire secondary. Champ, you are and always will be a super stud. Feel free to rock orange n' blue till you're 54, you'll still be able to cover these sorry saps. His judo throw (regardless of the fact that he threw the guy the wrong way) was just pure badassery. Tony Carter and Chris Harris. Good gravy you boys are bringing it! Blanket cover skills, tackling ability, big plays, all the sudden you two are the truth. Preach on, brothas. Rahim Moore is doing good things. He's excellent coming up and making stops in the run game and especially when plays make it out to the flat. He sniffs and snuffs those out like Roseanne in pursuit of a cupcake. I was worried we'd wasted another high draft pick on a cut-bound safety with his demotion last season, but he has improved and is playing at a very high level right now. Between he and Carter, if he can return healthy, we should be in good shape at the safety position for years to come (this is becoming a recurring theme at most position groups on the team. which is just about the best thing possible).

Big Vick. This guy is absolutely crushing it right now. I think it was in the Chargers game that he recognized a screen play, got on his horse and ran directly down the line of scrimmage to single-handedly blow up that play. He's playing smarter and harder than he has in the past, and he's been instrumental in the good performances the D has been making as of late. Carry on big man.

Of course, Wesley Woodyard. He should be (and I'll be pissed if he's not) considered our current and future starting Will linebacker. He plays with ferocity, instinct, smarts, and passion. He's making leaping interceptions, wreaking havoc on quarterbacks, tackling ball-carriers. His speed is a weapon (reminds me of Ian Gold). The organization (over at least 2 significant regime changes) has done a fantastic job of developing him over the years. Of course, most of the credit goes to Wesley and his hard work and determination. One of my favorite Broncos for years now. Do your thing!

Getting Ahead of Myself...

By looking at the '13 draft for the Denver Broncos and what I feel we should go after to improve the team. Yeah, I know, it's early... sue me. I can't help myself!

So... the way I see it, we have some needs. I feel like the biggest one (if this surprises you, slap yourself and everyone around you in the face) is middle linebacker. I would love to see our front office break the bank to do everything necessary to draft the outstanding one from Notre Dame, Manti Te'o. Since we'll be picking at 32 we will need to move up a ways to nab him. I don't care, trade the whole draft and do it. If we can field a starting linebacking corps (With an awesome group of backups in Nate Irving, Danny Trevathan, and DJ Williams) of Woodyard, Te'o, and Von Miller next season, dear god... I reckon that's plain unfair. He would shore up our weakness in stopping the run up the middle and provide an athletic presence in the middle of the field to snuff out any funny stuff. Mr. Legend (#7), please make this happen.

Plus, he is Samoan. And we all know that Samoans kick ass.

Elsewhere, I think spending significant resources at both offensive line (with hopes of building significant depth) and the defensive line will of course prove fruitful. The way this team is taking shape, we should be in position to finally make some luxury picks. I think a Randall Cobb/Devin Hester/Darren Sproles type of player is in order. A guy who can take over in the return game and also contribute as a slot receiver would be much welcomed.

Bungal Bashing

Here's how I see next weeks game playing out, from the mind of Andy Dalton:

"Allright, first and 10 from the 20, 15:00 left in the first quarter. I've got the whole game to show these chumps what the Red Rifle is all about. They won't even know what hit em'! I wonder if they've noticed that the color of my hair matches my uniform? If they have, I bet they're impressed... impressed and intimidated. Dammit Andy, focus! Red Rifle, what a cool nickname... Andy, focus!

OK, here we go. I'm gonna get this thing rolling with a nice one to AJ. No one can stop AJ. Champ Bailey is old enough to be my Dad, I'm pretty sure. Ooooh lookie he's coming open, here I go, RED ROCKET THROW! Schwattt! &^&$$##@! How the hell did he catch that? AJ? Where were you? You were there, my throw was Red Rifle sexy and that guy came flying from behind you and snatched it away! He's like 45 years old, come on! Okay, you're good. Next series, I got this. I'll just stay away from Champ. His moniker don't lie, apparently.

Allright D, tighten up here. Peyton is a legend and all that, but he's also old as hell. They can't have two guys defying time on their team, amiright? Andy, amiright? You're right Andy. Uhhh guys, I think the scoreboard is broken... I just keep seeing first and 10 flashing over and over again? A few things I learned in those 43 seconds it took the Broncos to score on us. 1. Willis McGahee is capable of carrying many men over ridiculously long distances. 2. Rey Maualuga is supposed to be Samoan and bad ass... what happened? 3. I wish I had DT instead of AJ. He might stand a better chance against Champ. 4. Peyton's hair doesn't match the color of their uniforms, how is he still looking so good and dominating so hard? 5. I want my Mommy 6. What in the hell? Brandon Stokely is still in the league? Catching TD's at such an advanced age? Apparently the Rockies are the fountain of youth. Who knew?

OK, it's time to dig deep Andy. POWER TO THE ROJOS! We're only down 7, we're at home, we've got this. Just need to settle in and get things rolling. OK, yeah, good call Jay Gruden, let's get the run game going a bit and then we'll open em' up downfield. Allright, Ben-Joo-Jah-Green-What's-your-name? Go get em' hyphen! Right up the gut! What, he's dead? No way! He's just a little safety! How could Rahim Moore actually kill someone by run-blitzing up the middle and spearing him in the gut? Stupendous, my guys are dying now. Is my face red now too? Allright, man's game, Andy... Man's game, sometimes people die. Keep plugging, no fear... no fear...

Ready, set, hut! Allright, little Andrew Hawkins is going to snag this good looking little bubble screen pass I'm going to send his way and take it to the house! They can't match his little man speed! Wait, Dear God! Dumervil is coming, runnnnn! Ah! Von Miller! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Sadly, that was the last thought ever thunk from the immortal Red Rifle. May he rest in peace.

Yikes, I hate it when I get carried away like that...

Welp, since I wrote this in company time (hehe), I may as well call it a day, lest someone get angry and do something rash, like fire me.

Until next time, MHR!

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