Homer Predictions

Hey everybody, hope things are settling down and we are all become used to this new format.

I had a friendly wager at the beginning of the season with my buddy Zach. Zach lost the bet, he admitted he made the wager based on his homerism and love for the Broncos. Zach later states that he should not be such a HOMER, but I disagree. That's part of the fun being a fan, right? 18-0 until we aint! And if you really think about it, if a small percentage of our homerisms come true then we probably will have a successful season.

So in the name of Zach and all you Homers out there, this one's for John you!

Homer predictions for Broncos vs. Patriots

Derek Wolfe

It's time for our top draft pick to step it up. Sure he is not making many mental errors, but we haven't seen much if anything "special". Is there some JJ Watt in there Derek?. Top draft picks have to be special, PERIOD. Homer Prediction: Derek Wolfe has at least 2 tackles for a loss and a fumble recovery.

Matt Prater

What can be said about Prater? He has quickly become the best long-ball kicker in the NFL. Homer Prediction: Prater kicks a 66 yard walk-off FG

Ronnie Hillman

With the drafting of Ronnie Hillman, I knew I would win the bet with Zach. As the Broncos have slowly eased him into the line up, it appears that his hamstring is finally healthy. There is not much film on Hillman, he has the ability to take it to the house any time he touches the ball. I think he will end up being our secret weapon Sunday. Homer Prediction: Ronnie Hillman has 150 all-purpose yards and a TD.

Von Miller

Von was basically a Kno-Show (Sorry Zach) in the dreadful playoff game in Foxborough. Though he was limited with his cast, he needed to step it up but didn't. After watching Von against the Raiders last week, shedding blocks and making tackles, even in pass coverage, I expect HUGE things Sunday. Homer Prediction: Von Miller get his first career interception and his first career sack on Tom Brady.


Reffering again back to the playoff game last year, Manning was brought in to win games like that one. Homer Prediction: PFM

Thanks for reading, just trying to have some fun on a Friday afternoon.

FINAL HOMER PREDICTION: Broncos 31 Patriots 28

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