Ain't Nobody Else Gonna Say It.

The Broncos are 2-3. Easily could be 4-1. The difference? I'd say it is everybody's All American; the guy that can do no wrong; the pigeon toed phenom out of Stanford; Mr. All Time comeback; The HoFer in the house; the greatest player to wear the Orange and Blue.

Beyond all that, he runs the football team from top to bottom.

Yeah, I'm talking the Duke. Mr. Johnathan Albert Elway. In almost every respect, he is the man-- the Demigod. But, by golly, he screwed the pooch old school this offseason. Screwed it MFing hard.

If I was Peyton Manning, I'd be a little pissed. Yeah, I'm PMFM, with a good shot of $92 million fresh green ones in my pocket before all is said and done, but I'm also 36, I picked a certain team over the 9ers, the Phins and the Titans. I don't have oodles of time left. I wanted-- freakin' needed-- to be ready to win as soon as yesterday. I put my faith in that. Didn't get it.

So Elway, pulling off the mind boggling coup of landing the one of the greatest ever, shifts gears, and pulls off one of the most nonsensical FA and draft periods in modern history. UFA speaking, he does a nice job giving Manning as couple decent TE's. Fair enough. Then he goes all crazy and lands a cast off S from one of the worst past defenses in football (Mike Adams). He lands an underachieving slot guy that a team horribly thin at WR (Cincy, Bubba Caldwell, respectively) and calls it a good days work.

Then he executes just a terrible draft.. He trades back a few slots to draft a consensus 5th or 6th (or worse) round DT in Derek Wolfe. For the most part, the hard working kid has never managed to even penetrate beyond the LoS (watch the film, not the stat sheet)-- although, to his credit, he works hard, and he sometimes manages to sweep up a little garbage down the field-- or to finally defeat a bored olineman and register a coverage sack on a flushed QB. What is scary is that Wolfe is shaping up to be the Duke's smartest pick in the draft (relative to who he did pick, at least).

So then we wait patiently for what I like to call "The Big Lie". I call it that because Elway promised over and over that targeting players was not how he rolled. The Broncos would be smart-- the successful approach that everybody agreed on (the Raven, etal, way...) But we all should have known that the college spread QB with a dubious amount of experience and success was going to be Elway's guy no matter what (He's gotta hose, by golly!). More important, and jeeperscreepers, he was Jack Elway's roommate. You know that kind of kid must be a stud., So we get Brock Oswieler with that second premium pick, and now, Thank God, we don't have to worry about finding a QB until Manning breaks all the way down. No way Lavonte David, Trumain Johnson, any of the rookie DB's pitching in the for the Pack, etal, Robert Turbin, any of the WR prospects excelling as rookies, any of the other LB's, could have maybe helped stop one of the billion 3rd and longs Denver has surrendered, beat the legendary Steven Ridley to the edge, or even make a difference when, at crunch time, the Broncos have faced a tough 3rd and harder-than-average. But at least that clip board is covered.

Don't get me started on Glyn Hillman, er, Ronnie Mylmann, er Glynie Hillburn, er whatever the 6th/7th round prospect out of SDSTU is named. Can't really catch. Can't really protect. Leaves him mismatched as a between the tackles 2 down back, but he kind of sucks at that, too. Good thing the Duke spent all the Wolfe bounty right there. T'hat left them in the perfect position to draft the kid down the hall from Jack-- the one that can't cover, that has the knees of an 80 year old, and who makes 98% bad decisions on the once every other game opportunity he gets to return a kick.

I guess now is a good time to stop with the stream of bitterness. I'll leave it at this. You land PMFM, maybe you ought to act like it. Maybe PMFM means you modify 'building for the future" with premium draft picks, even if you are impressed with the make up of your boy's best friend. Maybe you play a little politics-- you know, the authoritarian maximization of existing resources. Maybe you think a little about value (Hillman), before you decide you just gotta de-McD (Moreno (who is a better player addled on Ketamine than Hillbyrn/Ball combined). Maybe you respect the fact that one of the greatest and classiest players of all time puts his faith in you and your organization.

If I was PMFM, I'd be pissed. With just a little extra help-- fully attainable health-- the forehead would be an easy 4-1.

Instead, he's toiling along and trying to make the best of a guy that follows up a coup with a bunch of cutesy, smartest guy in the room moves.

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