Ya Gotta Love It! It's The NEW MHR.

I choose to ignore all the negativity that naturally associated itself with the changes in this site. That was all expected, and has passed, and the losses of peeps (translation peeps = people) who chose not to stay says something about the loss in and of itself!

For those of us who remain, I just wanted to share some things that I truly LOVE about the "new look".



The logo isn't one of those...It really IS ugly...and if NOTHING ELSE...It should have a solid WHITE HORSE, with the present white sun being replaced by a football shaped sun, (American football, not World League, shaped like a soccer ball type of ball) or just eliminate the sun altogether. Those requests don't seem to be far out of line, since I've heard the same complaints about it regularly.


I don't know how many times I placed the cursor over the NFL lettering on the SB Tool Bar (not to be confused with the MHR Tool Bar) & after the drop down box displayed, slid my cursor on down to the Denver Broncos and clicked, just to get the "Home Page" to come back after viewing a front page article!

Now I know that all I have to do is click on that UGLY MHR logo an I am automatically back to the home page! That Logo is top left of EVERY PAGE in MHR, so that really makes it easy to get back to the home page.

While I was on the SB Tool Bar, I realized that the article I wrote here on MHR that listed all the links to the other SBN sites where we go to talk smack, they are in that drop down box that I used to go to under the NFL heading! Now I can get to those sites a lot faster.

I also realized that the same SBN tool bar gave me access to the other 4 favorite sports that I follow. I admit that I only follow them through the playoff period, unlike football, but easy access is there for those sites as well. NICE!

The other (obvious to most of us) major plus about the NEW MHR is the speed! From post to article to home page, IT blows away the old site!

Since it loads so fast, the fact that the front page displays the first four LATEST articles (that you'll find on the front page of the old site) right there at the very TOP of the page with pics, clearly configured, are you kidding me?

That in itself is the best thing in the MHR World for me! Not only do I not have to wait for the site to load, I have the latest four articles that are on the home page to instantly choose from!

That, my MHR Friends is sweet!

Directly underneath that display is the MHR Tool Bar! You want Fanposts or Fanshots? Put your cursor over "Community" and the drop down box gives you those choices. I love DROP DOWN BOXES!

The new MHR Tool Bar gives us a LOT more options than we had before. Just like the fact that we have SOOOOO many more options EVERYWHERE on this NEW LOOK MHR site.

Once you have clicked on the FANPOSTS, at the very top of the FANPOSTs list of posts is the FANPOSTS HEADER. That FANPOSTS HEADER is just like that ugly new MHR logo. Click on it, and you go right back to the list of fan posts. While you are right there with the list, notice that you can change the order of the posts by simply clicking on the options, like...


There is a lot more to discover, but time spent will show you it.

I hope that perhaps, some of this will be helpful to some of you while negotiating this site. Enjoy!

The Broncos ARE the BEST! The rest of the NFL will find out about that, but, lets try to keep that a secret for a minute!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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