An Ode to The Broncos Defense: Eatin' Greedy By The Numbers

Grant Halverson

Superman sure showed up to day.....and no it wasn't that wannabe Cam Newton.

Wow, what a great collective effort by our defense! After the first Carolina score, the defense got hungry and boy did they feast. Speaking from personal experience, I can't remember a previous Broncos game when the defense was so dominant. Cam couldn't run, Cam couldn't hide and in the end our guys exposed Cam for the fraud he is. Am I going of the top here? Nope, relentless pressure + bad decisions + holding the ball too long = overrated (Cam) and eatin' greedy, let's take a look at some of the numbers our defense put up:

- 8 three and outs (14 drives)

- Perfect on 3rd downs (Panthers 0-12)

- 52 yards rushing on 21 plays (2.5 yards per carry)

- 250 yards total on 64 plays (3.9 yards per play)

- 2 forced fumbles, 2 INT's (including a pick 6)

- 1 safety

- 7 sacks by 6 different players (Big Vick had two, Chris Harris, Von Miller, Mike Adams, Robert Ayers, Elvis Dumervil, and Tony Carter each had 1). Notice that our secondary accounted for 4 of them---nice looks by Jack Del Rio all game.

- Through the air, Cam Newton averaged just 4.6 yards per throw

Now taking a look at 3rd downs, the Broncos D allowed -12 yards on 12 plays----that's not a typo NEGATIVE 12 YARDS ON 12 fact let's take a look at all 3rd downs:

1st Q

3rd and 4, Cam sacked by Von Miller for -6 yards

3rd and 8, Cam incomplete pass

3rd and 4, Cam sacked by Doom for no gain---fumbles, recovered by Panthers

2nd Q

3rd and 10, Cam incomplete pass

3rd and 18, Cam 8-yard pass

3rd and 10, Cam scrambles for 4 yards

3rd Q

3rd and 2, Cam sacked by Big Vick for -9 yards

3rd and 10, Cam sacked by Harris for - 3 yards

3rd and 2, Cam stopped on run up the middle by Von for -4 yards

4th Q

3rd and 14, Cam incomplete pass

3rd and 19, Cam sacked by Mike Adams (-2 yards) for safety

3rd and 6, Cam throws INT to Rahim Moore

So if you're looking for Cam Newton's statline for the game on 3rd down, it would be:

1-5, 8 yards, 0TD, 1INT, 5 sacks, 2 rushes, 0 yards DOMINANCE!!!

Here's a quick look at how the Broncos D fared on each down:

1st down:

2.5 yards per play rushing

7.3 yards per play passing

2nd down:

4.5 yards per play rushing

4.8 yards per play passing

3rd down:

4 yards per play rushing

-1.5 yards per play passing

Overall they were stingy on 1st and 2nd down which led to the seven 3rd and longs.

I don't know about you folks, but with the way our defense has been dominant on 3rd down, forced sacks, gotten pressure, and forced turnovers----they very well may be as strong as our offense which had a rough day. After seeing this performance today and in recent weeks, I for one am not afraid to proclaim that Broncos Country once again has the "Orange Crush" How about you MHR, do you agree?

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