Observations and thought provoking questions!

Over the last 10 weeks, we have seen a team evolve. OUR team is now one of the better teams in the NFL. We can all banter around about going to the Superbowl or who we want to have come to Denver for the playoffs ONLY because this team is finally becoming a "TEAM" again.

It has been years since we have had this kind of work on all 3 phases of the ball and to tell you the truth, It is pretty damn exciting. How many of you hold your breath now in anticipation on a punt return rather than in fear whether we are punting or returning?

Well on with some observations and questions:

1. Just how bad is Caldwell? When every game #12 makes a HUGE mistake. Yesterday all he had to do was run strait up the field and he had a first down and he tried to run around to the sideline. Manning scolded him pretty good and he pouted. (Never saw #17 in on O)

2. Our defense is really coming together. Everyone is wondering what will happen with DJ when he comes back. I say put him on the TE and stick like glue. That is still our biggest problem on D and on reason I think the Superbowl is not currently in reach unless NE and Texas are knocked out before we play them.

3. People keep saying Brock is a wasted pick, and as far as this season I would agree but I think we have to wait till the day he starts playing as our QB to really determine if that is so.

4. Robert Ayers had a seasons worth of Stats in one game yesterday. He bested almost all his totals for the year. Why has he not played at this level and is he going to continue. If so, Look out.

5. Our DB's what can we say about them. We all worried, Wondered what the heck the team thought cutting someone we paid a big signing bonus to to keep the Carter kid. Well know we know and he is turning into one of our biggest play makers. What a HUGE surprise.

6. Free agents have contributed greatly that I personally thought were a waste of camp space. How wrong I was. Then they pick up a Center, Who did not scratch their head at that one? And now a mini speedster that has lit up the scoreboard 2 times in 2 weeks? I am thinking this Russel guy is earning his paycheck this year and am looking forward to more.

7. What do you guys see as the turning point for this Defense. I say it was the day they moved Mays out of the lineup. HUGE difference since then.

8. We still have depth issues we need to address as we move forward. O-line (Guard and Tackle), MLB major priority, #4 receiver, a non-fumbling running back that can gain a yard on 3rd and 1, and some help at safety.


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