Donkey Talk-DenvsCar- Complete with Paragraphs

What can I say, the speed of the Broncos Defense was textbook on how to stop Mr. Scam Newton yesterday. I was very impressed with the team speed and ability for the defense to mirror Cam at the line and for the DB's to stick with their coverages.

Holliday Season: Trindon, I have liked watching you since LSU and seeing the last 2 weeks and your explosiveness is an absolute weapon. But you have to ditch the early celebrations. We want you to be more like Barry Sanders and less like Desean Jackson!! Hold the ball that extra 10 yards in the end zone then feel free to throw it where ever you want. Loved seeing you come out of the backfield and in the slot. I wonder if you and Hillman can be the "home runs" that Fox keeps talking about!!

Hillman: Congrats on your first of many TDs as a Bronco. You are fun to watch and I am just waiting on that stretch play that goes for 20+!!

McGahee: Though I am getting used to your 1 fumble a game or so, doesn't mean I want to. Its like getting used to McDonalds... Its not that it may not taste bad... but its not good for anybody!!!

Mr. Manning: Being that he is 6-7 years my elder, I feel I need to call him Mr. His command of the offense and "gelling" with both the o-line and skill players is paying off. Isn't there a quote that says "Those who can do it, do it, those who can't, teach" I am glad you are doing it and not just being a coach right now.

O-Line: Great protection all day. You are the epitome of playing like a unit. Ramirez stepped in for Kuper and there wasn't a huge decline in play!!

WRs: Stokley or WesT Welker, thank you for being the safety net! DT and Decker, keep it up and you could be Mannings new favorite 88 and 87. I am worried if something happens to these three though! Willis doesn't grasp the offense, and Caldwell can't get on the field.


Pass Rush. The River (Del Rio in spanish) was flowing! We had pressure from everywhere and seemed like the extensive blitzes and constant 4 man pressure was getting to Scam. He never looked comfortable sans the 2 td drives.

Miller: You, and not Peyton Manning will be my yard stick for this administration. And right now you are showing how dominant you can be. I think my voice went up 3 octaves screaming when you got Scam's heel and Carter picked it off. Side note: Thank you TAMU for knocking off Saban's crew.

Front 4: Ayers showed that he wants to not be a bust, Wolfe, or Tenacious D, is a beast who doesn't stop. Vick is a big man who does big man things and other than Doom hurting we were great here. Get well Doom!!

LBS: I have to say seeing the Kentucky boys of Woody and Trev out there gives me a sense of calmness. They are sure tacklers and in great position. Mr. Brooking, you are helping this defense with your intensity and knowledge.

CBS: I need to know how to put all 4 (Porter, Bailey, Harris, Carter) in the Pro Bowl!! They showed several full field shots of the game, and no WR was gaining any sort of separation. Bailey wants to stay elite, and Carter and Harris are playing with a chip on their shoulder and it is making this one of the best secondaries we have assembled.

Safeties: Other than having problems with TE's we are a decent group. We don't have the fear like Atwater/Smith but we have guys that are making tackles and in the last week or two hardly ever out of position!

In closing, we are so close to being the complete team we wanted to be during Manning's tenure but we still need cleanup. I work in the architecture/construction business... and right now what we are building is to the punchlist phase. We have everything there, we just need to clean up a bit (fumbles, penalties, Ints) and we have a chance to be great

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