Horse Tracks - 11/16/12

Streeter Lecka

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Denver Broncos lucky to keep Manning in the upright, locked position - The Denver Post
Peyton Manning wasn't looking. Charles Johnson, a freakishly fast and large defensive end for the Carolina Panthers, menacingly bore down on the Broncos quarterback, but Manning couldn't see him. Quicker than Broncos offensive tackle Orlando Franklin could yell "Look out, franchise savior!" Johnson was in on Manning.

Broncos DE Elvis Dumervil still hopes to play against Chargers - The Denver Post
Elvis Dumervil has sacked San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers more than any other quarterback he has faced in his career.

Broncos' Von Miller racing to prominence in pass rush - The Denver Post
When one of his teammates or one of his coaches puts Broncos linebacker Von Miller's name into a sentence, the word "special" usually isn't too far behind.

Broncos' Von Miller, Kevin Vickerson fined by NFL - The Denver Post
To understand how the NFL tilts its rules in favor of the offensive players, take the case of Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

Broncos "gearing up for a battle," defensive coordinator says
Speaking to reporters Thursday following practice, Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio said facing a San Diego Chargers offense led by quarterback Philip Rivers will be a handful.

Chargers defense has enjoyed rare health |
The Chargers cannot blame the schedule for their ills.

Acee: It's Manning Week for A.J. Smith Page 1 of 2 |
The Chargers are 5-3 against Peyton Manning, including 2-0 in the postseason, in Smith’s time as general manager. Since Smith drafted Eli Manning and then traded him 45 minutes later in 2004, the Chargers are 2-0 against the little Manning brother.

On verge of record, Chargers' Gates still demands respect Page 1 of 2 |
Antonio Gates’ reputation precedes him. The Chargers tight end has done too much good to be ignored at any portion of a game, especially near the goal line.

Chargers look to pressure Peyton Manning this time Page 1 of 2 |
Last month, the Chargers linebacker blitzed through the gap between left guard and tackle, had Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in his sights, and as he dove in the air, Manning dodged, his eyes locked downfield.

Ryan Mathews misses second practice in a row |
Chargers starters Ryan Mathews (neck) and Jared Gaither (groin) have missed both practices this week.

NFL Insider: Broncos foes are feeling a draft |
Draft selections, especially the early ones, are supplying ample horsepower to the mile-high steeds.

The NFL's Thursday Night problem | National Football Post
On November 8th, the NFL Network had 5.2 million viewers watch the Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars game. To put that in contrast, 16.9 million viewers watched The Big Bang Theory on CBS. Sunday Night Football on NBC regularly sees ratings of many multiples of the Colts and Jaguars game. However, questionable ratings are only part of the NFL’s growing Thursday dilemma. Competitive and logistical issues are starting to affect the participants.

What is a 'Wham' block? | National Football Post
If you watch enough pro football on Sundays, you will hear the term "Wham" block when analysts break down the run game. Sounds cool, but what exactly is the technique of the blocking scheme?

Dead money disasters | National Football Post
Dead money is a salary cap charge for a player that is no longer on a team’s roster. It is a by-product of the various salary components of an NFL contract being accounted for differently under the salary cap. Base salaries and most roster bonuses count against the cap in the year that they are earned while signing bonuses are prorated or spread out evenly over the life of a contract for a maximum of five years. Option bonuses and roster bonuses fully guaranteed at signing are the other most common salary components that are also treated like signing bonuses.

NFL's disability board concluded playing football caused brain injuries, even as officials issued denials for years - ESPN
The NFL's retirement board awarded disability payments to at least three former players after concluding that football caused their crippling brain injuries -- even as the league's top medical experts for years consistently denied any link between the sport and long-term brain damage.

Andrew Luck on his way to Tom Brady-like future -- Adam Schefter's 10 Spot - ESPN
As the head of the next generation of great quarterbacks leads his team into Foxborough, Mass., on Sunday to take on the co-head of the current generation of great quarterbacks, Luck already ranks in the top five in Total QBR, ESPN's quarterback rating system. Luck ranks fourth in the NFL in Total QBR with a 77.6, behind only Peyton Manning's 84.8, Brady's 80.1 and Matt Ryan's 79.2.

Jay Cutler's head vs. Brian Cushing's knee - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Why is a hit to a quarterback on a play where he’s throwing the ball -- and after which he was able to stay in the game -- so much more costly than a hit to a linebacker’s knee that puts him out for the season?

Many key Raiders questionable vs. Saints - AFC West Blog - ESPN

The Oakland Raiders are dealing with several injuries as they prepare to host New Orleans on Thursday.

Bowe says he wants to stay in KC - AFC West Blog - ESPN

Receiver Dwayne Bowe, who is set to be a free agent after this season, told the Kansas City Star that he would like to stay a Chief.

Chat wrap: How Chargers can win Sunday - AFC West Blog - ESPN

Bill from Corona, Calif..: How close to 100 percent is Peyton? Give me a percentage. He silenced the questions about the deep ball, throwing to the right etc. Also he was floating a lot of balls and his arm strength looked shaky early in the year, now his arm looks as strong as ever to me.

Can the Broncos make the Super Bowl? - AFC West Blog - ESPN

Each blogger is nominating one team from the division he covers that, with seven weeks remaining in the regular season, has the look of a team that could contend for the Super Bowl.

Direct Snap: Backup QB's job is to fit in, not audition to take over as starter - Yahoo! Sports

As Colin Kaepernick, Jason Campbell and Byron Leftwich step into the breach that each of their teams presumably has at quarterback, there is some important advice to consider. In particular, the up-and-coming Kaepernick should heed it most of all.

Legendary Raiders punter Ray Guy frustrated but resigned that he's not in Hall of Fame - Yahoo! Sports

Behind a desk, in a second-floor office of an old mansion-turned-college alumni center, sits a man some call the greatest punter who ever lived. Ray Guy looks old now. His once boyish face has aged. His eyes droop. A white goatee sags. He is only 62 but his voice is rich and rural in that way of a country grandpa.

Sanchez still the Jets' franchise quarterback - Yahoo! Sports

Mark Sanchez is still the New York Jets' franchise quarterback despite being mired in one of the worst slumps of his career.

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