Bronco-Talk dba Donkey Talk SDvsDen

First off, let me say that I hate CBS programming in Southern Colorado. Since New Mexicans love their Cowfolk, I had to watch the Cowboys force OT against Cleveland and squeak it out.

The first play I saw in the programming change was a 3rd and short which we stuffed and forced 4th down. This was after I was receiving texts about the pick-6 and missed FG and how we weren't looking too good to start out.

Mr. Manning: Your passes got considerably better throughout the game. At first you were sailing the ball, but I hope that was just the jitters that come with a rivalry game. You progressed throughout the game which has been what you have done all year.

McGahee/RBs: I hate seeing you fumble but I also hate seeing you hurt on the sidelines. Hillman and Ball are not ready to be #1 backs. I was contemplating who would be a better backup: Hillman, Ball, Moreno, JJohnson?

WRs: Well the big 3, DT, Deck, Stokley all had a TD. DT is not just an athlete now, he is starting to be groomed into a great WR... Decker dropped a pass that was a little off when he was diving that could have been a first down but his TD showed his vision to turn up field and get into the endzone. Stokley isn't just a possession receiver like I thought at the beginning of the year. He is so good at creating a defensive mismatch right now.

O-Line: We won, so there is no reason to get too picky, but it seemed like once McGahee came out that the holes left with him. Other than a couple big runs, the holes for the other backs were minimal. Remember guys that Hillman is a rookie... open a door for him and don't make him look for the window!


Pressure: Von Miller, I love seeing the sack dance, mainly because it means there was a sack! Keep it up man. You have been disruptive all year and I have noticed you have tackled better too. Now the running backs have to account for you because you are negating their gains. I noticed that every time Miller was close to the QB that at least one more guy was within an arm of a sack as well. Von may have the 13 sacks so far this season, but the pressure if coming from everywhere.

LBs: I loved having to wait and see DJ to enter the field because we are so deep at LB. I remember last year, and into summer ball that I was worried about quality depth at the LB. Trev, Woody, Irving, Brooking, DJ, Miller all make plays. I feel so comfortable with this group seeing them drop in coverage, stack the box, or rush the QB.

DBs: Animals I tell ya. So many of the mistakes, sacks that happened this weekend was because this squad was blanketing the WRs. Carter and Harris (like I felt with the LBs) have proved that they aren't gonna be the weak link this year. Bailey is getting tested more now that these guys are getting a name for themselves and even if he gives up a catch, he never gives up big YAC. The safety play has been solid the last few weeks and I don't recall hearing Gates' name said to frequently so Cheers guys.


A blocked punt instead of a return for TD this week? Come on guys we have to step up! Just joking! I will take a blocked punt/kick any day!! That was a great play and Scifres ankle must hurt because he went to kick the football and hit all Irving.

On to KC this week. I hate to say its a trap game, but its a rivalry game. Charles and Hillis both have their own reasons for wanting to beat us. Lets play solid and get out to the lead. I don't want to give their defense any reason to be thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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