Jack Del Rio isn't ready!

As in, Jack Del Rio isn't ready to go back to the Head Coaching carousel. He just got done with 9 years of it, and the last few weren't any fun! The main reason why Jack Del Rio will not leave Denver after one year is that he is having fun again!

He loves the fact that he can just "get back to coaching, without all the politics" that are involved in the HC spot. See HERE. In that same statement he was telling Peyton Manning why he wouldn't be leaving next year. He loves playing with PFM because it makes his job easier.

I know that you all have seen the comments from the Denver defensive players stating how great it is to have Peyton at QB. The reasons all come down to the fact that they get some time to catch thier breaths between series. Justin Bannin said that again just last week.

It also has to do with the opponents fear factor. Jack knows how great it is to have a QB who makes his job easier. He also knows how tough it is to game plan against PFM! You think he wants the KC job? How about SD?

Why would Jack leave if we win it all this year, when we will only get better next year, and why leave if we come close this year and have next year to build on? Coaches love Super Bowl Rings as much as the players do.

Where would he want to even go next year? When you look at the teams that may be making that change next year, two of them are in the AFC West. What are the chances that a Denver Broncos DC goes to a HC job in the AFC West in back to back years?

Then you have Cleveland! Who in their right mind wants to go to Cleveland? I'm thinking the same thing about the Titans, but when you look at the possibility that the Saints may make a change then that may be an attractive spot for Jack.

He has strong ties to the city, and to the Manning family, but other than New Orleans, I can't imagine where he might want to go. McCoy would be the one to leave if any. Besides, Jacks son is going to be playing at Oklahoma State next year.

DEN to Stillwater, OK = 425 nautical miles by air. (About a 1 hour flight, and round trip tickets are under $400.00, not that money matters to Jack.) The driving distance from DEN to Stillwater, OK = 638 miles. (About 9.5 hrs.) Not to bad!

John Bena mention that he thought Jack would be a perfect fit for the USC HC job, Jack's Alma mater, and that has John worried. What do you all think?

Will Jack stick it out until Peyton leaves?

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