BroncoTalk: DenAtKC

Well first off I have to say that I missed the first quarter and a half because of Church. If I reference some biblical themes, I apologize to anyone offended.

The first drive I was able to watch was luckily the scoring drive. And after seeing the score and the missed FG (again) I was actually quite pleased. As my wife and I left for the church this morning, I looked over at her and said "This game today freaks me out. KC is a total "cupcake" game and I hope they don't strike back". I mean, that being 1-9 they have a great chance at upsetting us.


Manning: You didn't look that great, but we didn't have the balance. Some throws were wounded ducks or just prayers. A few times, the WR didn't exactly help you out too much. I respect your poise and ability, especially in the first drive I saw to score at the end of the half and give us a lead. You held on to the ball extra a few times but the defense induced that.

RBS: Moreno, you looked like a fresh RB and I am sorry that I was over on my Oregon High Horse saying "Jeremiah Johnson" is the new anointed one! Your running was great for the most part and I mistook your 27 for a 23 on a couple plays. I was very impressed in your 2 hands on the ball after 5 yards and no fumbles. I hope this is a great start! Hillman, you were the holy Ghost!! I never really saw you on the field but I felt your presence a couple times!!

WR: DT, you are a beast. I was playing with my nephews this weekend on the local middle school football field and lost plenty of balls in the sun and you hauled that TD catch in like it was nothing. Stokley, I know that Denver is cold but you are Manning's blanket (sorry to beat a dead horse). Decker you were solid and that INT was not your fault. But get open because you contributed to the sacks/pressure.

TE: Tamme, way to show number 84 to the QB. Who has heard that before in Bronco History?

Oline: This is the first time in a few weeks that Manning looked like he was uncomfortable the whole game. I liked seeing Kuper back and for the most part we looked decent. On the Decker screen drop, MR. Clady was 8 yards down field and it looked unfair to me how many people he could have cleared.


LINE: Charles had over 100 yards and that was pretty disappointing to me. but for the most part I saw pretty good tackling and Tenacious D had a great lateral move to the outside to cut off the run. I was watching him catch Charles and was seriously more impressed that a sack.

LBs: Woody, that hit on the RB was bogus. I thought it was solid and that you showed him how much you wanted to win. Miller was disruptive and anyone else can agree with me that 1 sack just made me feel like he wasn't his usual self. (Two years of your great play makes me aim high!!!) Brooking's great stop on Bowe was one of those plays that may go forgotten but I was in awe. Bowe is a great athlete and you stopped him across the middle as easy as one of our DBs.

DBs: Like in previous weeks on passing plays you were all pretty solid. I was never in a place to yell or throw the remote at the TV. In the running game I felt like this was the best anyone has run at us all year. When KC hit the 2nd and 3rd levels there was a visible breakdown. Please just learn from this. I am not going to take shots at you because this was almost like playing our offense last year. Heavy runs and a couple shots down the field.


I was not one bit impressed with Prater or Colquitt. Have they stopped practicing in our winning streak??? Prater, I will give you 2 "give-me's" a season. And I hate to tell you... You had already used them!!! This was unacceptable. If we had lost, I would have put you on the proverbial cross faster than you could say "peace".

Holliday; You are an explosive little man!! I am excited every time you get that ball. Please just be smart!!!!

I will be at the Bucs/Denver game next week... If any other MHR people are there please let me know. I would love to have a beverage and discuss this season with you!!!

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