Broncos vs Chiefs: The No Bull Review

Looking back at my off-season predictions, I had us penciled in for a loss for this game. I don't care how bad KC looks, they are always tough for us in KC. Also, I'm a big believer in the idea that in the NFL any team can win or lose a game any given week. So needless to say I was a bit worried about this game and it didn't really get comfortable to me until we were getting into the 4th quarter and our Defense was starting to truly assert itself.

I'm sure others have said this, but let me point this out if you haven't heard it before: KC has some very good talent on their team from a personnel perspective. That is especially true for the defensive side of the ball. I will argue with anyone saying their players all suck ardently. That team is a mess because of their leadership, not because of their players. Their coaching is especially awful...they have no decent head coach and their coordinators don't strike me as dangerous in the least (or creative for that matter).

Overall I think this game was fantastic for our guys for a couple of reasons. First of all, we got a win. I know I'll be typing some pretty critical words here in a bit, but that's just me seeing things we can do better. Any time your team wins it is a great thing. Secondly the way our guys played is going to indicate to them that they still have a lot of work to do. One problem I learned to look for has been complacency...this goes back to the playoffs in '97. That year our team was just phenomenal...but we very clearly got complacent and paid for it in a wild card game against an expansion team. I hope Rod Smith and John Elway (and any other players in the organization that were on the team back then) keeps reminding our team about how to do it right.



  • The biggest thing that I think needs to be said is this: Thank you Knowshon Moreno. I and many of us in Bronco Country have been truly puzzled at your lack of uniform on game days. I'm very happy to see you've still got a place on the field and that you are head and shoulders better than Lance Ball and Ronnie Hillman.
    • I was very impressed with the patience Knowshon showed followed by (and I can't stress this enough) CORRECT DECISIONS. In the past I've thought Knowshon had missed some very obvious cutbacks. The majority of the time in this game, he was reading plays at a very high level.
    • The stats he had won't blow anyone away, but with the type of offense we run, they don't have to. We aren't going to have consistent 100 yard rushers with multiple TDs. Our passing game is our bread and butter. Our run game needs exactly this type of performance to keep defenses honest.
    • Also might I add that Knowshon looked VERY strong in his running. He had some great stiff arms, and he also multiple times looked very McGaheeish with his ability to grind out a yard or two after he's hit.
    • I'd like to see Knowshon used in the passing game. He's very dangerous in space and I think Manning passed over him a couple times in the 2nd half trying to get better gains.
  • THE Best stat of the game: Lance Ball 0 Rushing Attempts. Hallelujah!
  • Jacob Tamme's TD was well earned. That guy runs some great routes. He out powered the defender to get 6 on the board. Well done sir!
  • Eric Decker and Peyton Manning have some very sweet timing and it is something I think they don't use on purpose. I think the idea is that we don't want to give defenses something they can focus on to slow us down. I think come playoff time, I'd wear out a weapon like this. It could win us one if not two games alone honestly.
  • Deymaryius Thomas still impresses me with how much improvement he's made running routes. He's at least 50% better at it than he was last year in my eyes. It showed up several times in the game...not the least of which was his TD catch. He had perfect position all the way through for that. There was nothing more KC could have done to defend that better either.
  • Speaking of DT though...what's up with the dropped balls guys? DT had a drop on a 3rd and 4 that was a gimmie first down. Dreessen also dropped one that hit his hands. I got one word for you fellas: Jugs.
  • As a contrast to Knowshon, Ronnie Hillman needs to work on hitting his holes faster. He doesn't have the power to shake a guy off after he's hit.
  • Here's a note for Mike McCoy and Peyton Manning: I never want to see you run the ball on 2nd and 10 again in my entire existence. NEVER. It's stupid as hell. It's almost as poor as the Jets continuing to play Mark Sanchez when he so obviously doesn't belong on an NFL field.
  • The 4th quarter looked very odd offensively. I thought we looked pretty inept. Poor play calling and dropped passes ruled the quarter.
  • One great play in the 4th quarter showed DT and Manning very much on the same page on a 3rd and 4. They dropped a 20 yard + pass to seal the game. DT can be seen clearly signalling something to Manning while Manning is reading the defense before the snap. Manning signals back and then they expose KC. I love seeing this kind of football intelligence from our players.


  • Man our defense was getting gashed early in the game. I think we were expecting a little much out of our front 6. Bend but don't break defenses like that work against bad QBs like Quinn, but hopefully Jack Del Rio doesn't try that on any other teams who can more proficiently throw the ball.
  • To the Cheif's credit they were pass blocking pretty well. I noted especially in the 2nd Quarter that pass rush just wasn't doing anything noteworthy.
  • I can't say Wesley Woodyard 's name enough on these reviews it seems. If Von Miller wasn't on the team, Wesley would be our Defenses MVP this year. This game he showed a little of everything again: great pass rush, run defense, and pass coverage.
  • Elvis Dumervil was at least 3 times less than half a second from forcing a fumble or sacking Brady Quinn.
  • Late in the game we had Keith Brooking covering Dwayne Bowe of all people. Keith smothered him like a blanket. Well done old-timer. I'm officially a big fan of yours now.

Special Teams:

  • Trindon Holliday was |-| this close to another return TD. KC did a good job getting enough push on him to make him step out of bounds.
  • Matt Prater missing a 30 yard FG!? Dude...cmon now. Get your head straight man. If anyone on the team is showing signs of not being focused, it is Matt. Get yourself right son or you are going to be looking for a job.

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