Solid hand on the table with some good hole cards yet to be played.

Team building

The Broncos (read that Elway) appear to be doing the best and most comprehensive job of team building this follower has witnessed in 45 years of fandom. I love the “character” of this team, the sense of quality people and integrity through out the organization. Our coaches are actually “coaching”, eliciting improvement from young and old personnel. This is called player development, something sorely remiss in past staffs. Our scouting department is not only doing a great job in the draft but think about our FA pick ups both before and during the season. Our practice squad has quietly secured some quality people since the season began. Our special teams is just that “special”. Now, I would like to see Elway et al focus on in-house development of coaches as it does not seem unlikely that Del Rio will be gone sooner rather than later.

My gut is telling me we haven't seen anywhere near EVERYTHING our Broncos have hidden in the deck. The second half of the year is likely to see a lot more of Hillman and, yes, Holliday on offense...isolating them in the open field with screen passes, etc. Hillman can run a lot tougher up the gut than many give him credit for so look for draw plays we haven't seen for some time. Getting all of our tight ends up to speed may well offer some mismatch opportunities that are not on the radar as well. Vergil Green and Julius Thomas (yes, Julius) offer some size and speed mismatches that may give a whole new meaning to a receiver "Jumbo" package. The gut is saying we've not seen anywhere near the whole package this team is holding close to the vest.

Here's part of a quote from an article that sparked this post:

"Holliday was tough enough to have been a running back at LSU. The Texans saw enough to take him in the sixth round in the 2010 draft. And his career may have gotten a little more traction right out of the gate had he not suffered a fractured thumb in that rookie season.

He spent part of 2011 on the Texans' practice squad, largely a specialist in a time when most teams have a difficult time using roster spots on specialists. But the Broncos see potential."

Read more: Broncos see plenty of potential in speedy Trindon Holliday - The Denver Post

Here's other observations touched on in a couple of earlier posts that might speak to an interesting second half:

"Good character" seems to be flowing through the Bronco veins since Elway came on board.

The foundations of an elite organization are quickly falling into place.

The only unknown going in to the Cinci game is how much of an impact will it make their coming off a bye? My weekly game score was predicated on this. Therefore, ONLY showing our O scoring 27 but also holding Cinci to 16. I like the way our D is coming together and there’s just this FEELING that Hillman will break off a couple of long ones as I don’t see Cinci game planning him to any great degree.

Hillman coming into form....HIGHLY impressed with the coaching!

This year may be amongst the best coaching jobs I have ever seen in an almost 50 history of Bronco passion. There is improvement across the board and at virtually every position with the O-line just looking like a veteran unit, cohesive, young linebackers and D-back contributing at a noticeably higher level, HILLMAN in particular beginning to show his progress, just everywhere I look. Trevathan and Woodyard are bringing more speed to the LB position than I’ve seen since the old Tom Jackson days. Most of all, it appears to me that we have not peaked as a team but are headed that way as we work into the second half of the schedule. If we stay healthy, knock on wood, this bodes very well for the playoffs.

How long has it been since I looked forward to the 2nd half of the season like this one? Let's just say far too long.

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