Broncos vs Raiders: The No Bull Review is a great year when we sweep jokeland. No matter how incompetent they become, I will always cherish a win over the silver and black. Especially seeing the deflated hordes of fans in their stadium who think that Christmas Wrap is the title to the new Snoop Dogg holiday album. Suck it fader nation. Enough trash talk though...the past few years it really starts to feel like beating up on a seven year old with MS. May they never change.

It is going to be pretty interesting to see what we can do next week against a more "together" NFL team. Baltimore is going to be a great test for the team. It is an opportunity to make a statement as well.


  • I honestly have some mixed feelings on our first TD. It was a great throw and catch, but did you guys notice Brandon Stokley running free behind the play? He was open by miles. I'm surprised Peyton Manning took the tighter window instead of the easy 6.
  • Eric Decker was having some really good success out of the slot. He ran some good routes and made some nice catches for us. I also noted in the 2nd half that he didn't do well fighting through press coverage on a key 3rd and goal.
  • The few carries Ronnie Hillman had looked the best of his carries all year. He was making great use of his speed and agility to get yards.
  • I was pretty disappointed in the three sacks we got because of how awful they looked from a blocking perspective. I expect Manny Ramirez to stink it up, but Zane Beadles on the 2nd sack was surprising...he got pwnt.
  • I thought on the Int that Willis could have slapped the ball down. Maybe I'm being a little nit-picky, but you have to protect that ball if you can't get it...I will concede that the angle I saw may have made it look closer to Willis than it was.
  • We had a really nice pass blocking job on a 3rd and 11 in the 2nd half...Oakland brought the house and no one got through. I thought it was a pretty impressive job.
  • I gotta say Knowshon Moreno is really impressing me. He's like Willis McGahee's younger brother or something the way he's been running. His TD was pure power and will. You gotta love the sauce he's been bringing to the field since his benching.
  • Also props to the O-line for the late game run blocking. That was some seriously great stuff. Holes were being opened and people were shoving Raiders around.


  • The first big pass play that Oakland had was a perfect example of a blatant Holding no-call against Elvis Dumervil. It has been happening to him and Von Miller all year and I'm getting pretty sick of the O-Lines of other teams getting rewarded for playing dirty when they get beat. If you don't want to call the game according to the rules, then change them NFL.
  • Rahim Moore really is putting together a serious nose for the ball. Run game, pass game, it doesn't matter...he's breaking on plays left and right. My hope is he soon starts getting his paws to catch his INT breaks instead of dropping them.
  • Von Miller's forced fumble was pretty friggin almost doesn't look possible how low he gets his body bent to jet around the blocker and get to the QB.
  • The holding call on Champ Bailey was bogus...plain and simple.
  • Another of Oakland's big plays showed something Adams has trouble with...he takes bad angles every once in awhile. I don't know how to fix it, but I can see that sometimes it is broke. :)
  • My first knock on Tony Carter since he's come on: He gave up a TD by diving at the runner's feet. Get your arms wrapped on him and let the team help you son.

Special Teams:

  • This has been said already, but Trindon Holliday's lesson for the week: If you need to fair catch, make sure your damn arm gets over your head.
  • I didn't see much from Steve Johnson in the preseason, but that dude laid some wood on a poor little fader punk on a return. Good stuff man...keep bringing it!

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