10 Wild Facts You (Probably) Didn't Know About the 2012 Broncos

We know the Broncos are 11-3.

We know they're sitting pretty in the second seed with a first round bye dangling within grasp.

We know the Broncos have been effective on both sides of the ball this year. But let's take a closer look at the numbers and see what kind of season the Broncos are really having.

Here are 10 wild facts about this year's Broncos balanced, proficient squad that you may not know.

1. Denver has allowed 274 points on the year. That's the best mark in the AFC.
It qualifies for fifth in the NFL behind Seattle, SF, Atlanta, and Chicago, all NFC teams.

2. Denver is 2nd in the NFL in scoring.
The Broncos have scored 409 points this season. Only New England (506) has scored more.

3. The Broncos are one of just three teams with a chance for a perfect division record.
New England and Green Bay are the only other teams at 5-0 in their own division.

4. Peyton Manning is one of four QBs in the league with 30 TD passes.
Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are his company. Of the four, Manning has the highest completion percentage at 67.9%, and the highest QBR, 81.5

5. At 2133 yards, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker are the second most prolific WR duo in the league.
Roddy White and Julio Jones of ATL have combined for 2227 yards. Although, Decker and Thomas have more TDs, (17) than White and Jones (14).

6. Denver is currently second in the NFL in sack differential at +21.
Denver's defense has sacked opposing QBs 42 times, versus just 21 allowed sacks by the OL. Houston (+22) barely edges past the Broncos, sacking QBs 42 times, and allowing 20. Cincinatti leads the league with 43 sacks.

7. Denver's defense is ranked second in the NFL in yards allowed per rushing attempt.
Opponents are gaining an average of 3.558 yards per attempt. Only Tampa Bay is stouter, at 3.491 YPA. That's a difference of .067 YPA, or about 2 inches per rush.

8. The offense hasn't abandoned the run.
Denver has attempted 512 passing plays and 406 rushing plays. A split of about 55/45.

9. Denver can finish the year, at the very worst, tied for second best road record in the NFL.
Finishing the year at 6-2, the Broncos assured themselves of at least a tie with ATL, SF, & Cincinatti (currently 5-2). And have a chance at tying Houston (6-1) for best road team in the NFL.

10. Denver's third down defense is third best in the NFL.
At 31.1%, the Broncos only trail Houstin (29.1) and SF (30.0).

Mike Shanahan used to say that in order to win a Super Bowl, both the offense and the defense had to be a top-5 unit. Through 14 games, I think the case is clear that the Broncos have a chance at finishing the season with a top unit on both sides of the ball.

Bonus Obscure Stat:
The Broncos are the most disciplined team in the NFL when it comes to false starts (8) and Illegal Blocks Above the Waist (0).


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