Broncos vs Ravens: The No Bull Review

I really like what this team is doing right now. We are starting to put together games in every phase. I saw 3 quarters of domination in this game. The only reason it wasn't 4 was because Fox took his foot off the gas. Against an offense like Baltimore's I don't really feel too upset about it. They just weren't a real threat to put up the kind of points they needed to get back in the game. Our defense continues to impress me. They swarmed Ray Rice and we very sound all over the field. This has to be one of the most scary defenses in the NFL today.

Here's a few thoughts on Baltimore: First off, I'm not very impressed with Joe Flacco. He seems like another big armed quarterback who is missing some of the other core QB skills that a really good NFL QB has (accuracy, defense recognition, progression time). The Ravens are not scary unless they have their defense more intact than it is now. Their offense is pretty awful looking though. Even with a new OC, they were fairly predictable and I'm just and armchair QB.

What a great week for the Denver Broncos. I have the benefit of putting this together after the Sunday night game. We control our playoff seeding at this point. What an impressive deal. It is even fathomable that Houston could even slip and give us the #1. I'll take the #2 though. I think Houston isn't very dangerous and could get knocked off by any of the other playoff teams.


  • Manny Ramirez really is awful. It is pretty sad to think he is the best of the back-up linemen we have. I'd like to see us get some depth on O-line next offseason.
  • Knowshon Moreno is friggin Superman. I saw him fly over a guy in this game...true story. I can't say enough about what Knowshon is doing. This officially isn't a fluke ladies and gentlemen...the No Bull verdict is out: Knowshon Moreno is a boss. He needs to stay in the orange and blue for the foreseeable future and he's a big reason we've kept our win streak going. Authority, Power, Force, and now Flight. He's like 4/5 Voltron...I can't wait to see what part he will adds next week.
  • Jacob Hester doesn't look like a lot, but he runs with power and I like that. I think in short yardage situations he's a good answer for the team if Knowshon is catching a breather.
  • The Offensive Line again had a phenomenal run blocking game overall. They really were owning their blocks and making holes. Their pass protection needs help, but that is to be expected with Chris Kuper out. They are making strides to becoming quite a force for our offense...and you can see Peyton Manning leaning on it more and more as it just keeps working.
  • Ronnie Hillman's stats got put sideways late in the game, but during normal play (where the defense wasn't 100% sure we were running the ball) he was running well. I still want to see him take one to the house...I know he has the speed he just needs to get the vision and the quickness to make it happen...another way to say it is that he still needs the game to slow down for him. It hasn't yet.


  • I loved seeing Justin Bannan causing a fumble all gritty and filthy up in Joe Flacco's grill.
  • D-Line just owned the trench early and again later in the game. They had a play that they failed to set the edge and a couple holes they got pushed out of, but for the majority of the day they were winning.
  • Love the safety blitz call by Jack Del Rio on a 3rd and long - creative call and very gutsy.
  • Chris Harris should be the MVP of the game. They said it in the telecast, but it is worth repeating: That play changed the game completely. I'm a big believer in momentum and its power in the game of football. The Ravens all but had a touchdown. Harris saw from his read what was happening and knew that ball was his from the second the Flacco threw it. It couldn't happen to a more deserving player. Keep doing what you do Harris...and don't let anyone tell you you don't belong in the NFL. I want you in Blue and Orange until you retire.
  • It was good to see Wesley Woodyard playing today. Yes he's still a beast. Yes he should be on the field as much as possible.
  • I don't know about you guys, but I never get tired of seeing Champ Bailey reach over a guy's arms and #$%@! slap the football away from its intended target.
  • Here's the only stat you really need to know about this game: Baltimore Ravens 3rd down efficiency: 1/12 for a whopping 8%. That's some darn good defense right there.

Special Teams:

  • Love seeing both of our kickers able to make tackles. It sucks that the ball carriers got that far, but disappointing is it when your kicker whiffs a tackle?
  • The referees reviewing that late touchdown need to be fired. Pitta was so absolutely down by contact it wasn't even close to being debatable. I can't fathom how the Ump didn't see it.

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