Winning: Its a Hell of a Drug

Many of us have noticed that the site activity on this site is down. We are no longer posting as much, nor commenting as much. Some of our more prolific contributors have quit coming by as often, such as Nick Cast. I have come to the conclusion that it is because of the new drug that us Broncos fans are now hooked on, and that is winning.

The reason I came to this conclusion is because of how I myself am starting to slow down on this site (I know, I know, over 11,000 comments and counting.) The reason I first came to this site is because I found a link to it on yahoo! after the ignominious (stole that one from Bradfather) beat-down at the hands of the Raiders; 59-14. Finding a community that loved to talk about the Broncos as much as I did, I stuck around and became hooked on the drug known as MHR.

Wins were hard to come by back then. In 2010, we only produced 4 of them. The second half of 2009 produced only 2. When we would get a win, we would buzz about it for days, analyzing every bit of them with excellent pieces like No Bull Review or Studs and Duds. I couldnt get enough of it. It made me feel good for the entire week. As good as any drug I've ever tried.

When the season started, expectations were all over the place. Would we go 9-7? 13-3 til we aint? The question of Manning's arm and the ever looming presence of the NFL's 2nd hardest schedule had us all anxious. When we beat the hated Stealers to start the season, we were all a-buzz again. Breaking down Bay-Bay's 71 catch and run to put us ahead by one point, converting a 2 point conversion to get ahead by 3, and Tracy Porter's game sealing pick 6. Then we had lost 2 straight. The doubters came out of the woodwork. (Excellent job by prodigal fan by calling those guys out) People lamenting Elway and his draft picks, (guilty) people lamenting Fox and his game calling (guilty). We needed another fix of winning. We got one vs the Raiders. Another week of that sweet, sweet, high and then a severe comedown at the hands of the Pats.

The very next week Manning and co. came back from a 24-0 halftime deficit and beat the hated Chargers. We all know the rest after that. We have never looked back. I've found that I've now built a tolerance for the drug that has been so foreign to me since 2005 known as winning. I expect my team to win each and every week now. A win no longer gets me the same kind of high that it during the last 7 years.

This is a great problem to have however. We no longer need to daydream "what if?" scenarios. No longer do we have to wonder, "What if Kyle Orton didnt drop the ball vs the Raiders?" or "What if Tebow didnt fumble vs the Pats at home?" Our biggest complaints are "why they hell didn't we score more points?" or "why did we let our foot off the gas when up 4 scores in the 4th?" We have all built a tolerance to winning and now we need to seek different avenues in order to continue to discuss our beloved team.

I suppose though all this rambling that my main point is that we should all enjoy this while it lasts. Not long from now, Manning will be retired, and so will Bailey, and perhaps our great owner Pat Bowlen will no longer be with us, and we will come back to MHR in order to get a much needed high after a long drought without a win.

P.S. I love this team, and this site. You guys rock

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