Reflections on the Eve...

I am in the calm quiet of my most favorite of nights. It is a time for awareness; a time for reflection.

My family participates in a Christmas Eve tradition that was born some four or five centuries ago in a small town located in the rolling foothills of what is now known as southern Slovakia. Even today, there are only a thousand or so people living in this (somewhat) remote, rural region of eastern Europe.

The specifics of our tradition are of great importance to us… but I don’t imagine that they would be of any particular interest to others. What is important, is that I believe that each of us has something similar that we hold quite dear. This is what we have more deeply in common, aside from what brings us together more obviously in the Broncos.

Some people have longer traditions, some shorter. It isn’t a contest, and I am not bragging. Some may have none to speak of at all. You are welcome to ours, if you have the need or the desire to feel connected. My thoughts are with you. And you can begin your own, on your own, right this very moment. Traditions are born from inspiration; they live on from their power to move you. Life does not provide us with its’ meaning, we infuse the meaning in our lives.

The fact that it is Christmas, or Christian, or Spiritual, is entirely beside the point. It is a time for slowing down, for acknowledging, for appreciating… what - and who - it is that we live and breathe for. Draw back into your awareness the things that you are most grateful for. Remember the things – and the people – that caused your heart to sing… and to weep. Forgive yourself. Forgive the others.

If you make resolutions… resolve to carry this awareness with you, even beyond these moments when we focus on remembrance. It is then that they will serve us best.

Happy and healthy Holidays to all.

Felices Fiestas!

Joyeuses Fetes!

Trevlig Helg!

Boas Festus!

Buone Feste!

Forhe Feiertage!

Prettige Feestdagen!

Hau’oli Lanui!

Beennachtai na Feile!

Vesele Praznike!

Selamat Hari Raya!

Sretni Praznici!

Vesele Prazdniny!

… and Go Broncos!

To add a football-relevant note: assuming we beat the Chiefs next week, we will have as many wins as the rest of the AFCW combined. Best present I've gotten in years.

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