Looking Ahead To April Part 2

We're the best team in football right now and I am very happy to be a broncos fan. It's never to early to start thinking about the draft after week 10. On the last post a lot of people were concerned with the OG position. I am concerned with Chris Kupers health, but I feel that Players in the trenches get hurt to often to take in the first round and historically we have been better with late round or undrafted Offensive Linemen. The Bunkley trade costs us a 6th or 7th round pick, it is unknown for now. In the middle of the DL we have no one to collapse the pocket and our starters are 29+ in age, so I believe we need two DT's not just one. One to penetrate and one to be immovable. I have two ILB being drafted for competition purposes, kind of like RG3 and Kirk Cousins, both ILB can start. I wanted to throw in Le'veon Bell, but we just added Jacob Hester as our power back. I did add in Ryan Swope due to Stokley's age he is a need. I also added two CB to be groomed; If Champ is going to be moved to safety, why is safety a need? Looking forward to beating the Chiefs!

Players 30 and older:

Offense QB: Peyton Manning RB: Willis McGahee WR: Brandon Stokley OL: Dan Koppen & Chris Kuper

Defense CB: Champ Bailey S: Mike Adams & Jim Leonard LB: Keith Brookings & DJ Williams DL: Ty Warren & Justin Bannon

Needs: DT, ILB, CB, WR

-We don't need to draft a QB this year; Brock, veteran Backup

-I previously wanted us to draft a RB, but we don't need one; Knowshon, Ronnie, Jacob, Mario, lance, and Jeremiah

-We do need two WR and to cut Willis and Caldwell; Demaryius, Eric, FA, Draft

-I think Ramirez should be cut; Clady, Beadles, Walton, Blake, Franklin, Davis, UFA

-Champs getting old, but his play has not slipped and Tracy will be gone; Chris, Tony, Omar, Draft, Draft

-A lot of people think that we have a need at safety, I don't; Moore, Carter, Bruton

-OLB is not a need; Miller, Woodyard, Travathen, Irving

-ILB is a NEED, Mays can't cover, and Brooking's 37; Draft, Draft, Johnson

-We are loaded at DE; Doom, Wolfe, Ayers, Hunter, Jackson, Beal

-We are old at DT and in need of a youth injection; Vickerson, Draft, Draft, Unrein


2. Sharrif Floyd DT Florida 6-3 303

2. Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee 6-6 377

3. Kiko Alonso ILB Oregon 6-3 242

4. Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M 6-1 206

4. Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois 6-0 190

5. A.J. Klein ILB Iowa State 6-2 244

6/7. Sanders Commings CB Georgia 6-2 216


Ryan Clady LT

Jason Hunter DE

Kevin Vickerson DT

Brandon Stokley WR

Tony Carter CB

Jim Leonard S

Dan Koppen C

Keith Brooking LB (If he wants to)

Chad Johnson WR; Vet discount, Something to prove, Maturing, Well rested

Brett Favre QB- I am just kidding, but we do need a Veteran back up not Caleb Hanie

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