Chiefs vs Broncos: The No Bull Review

#1 seed in the AFC Broncos Country! What a great way to finish the season. I love us getting home-field advantage and I also love seeing us get a week off to rest and game-plan. I think in no way will you see this team have a let down from the bye here. They are too focused and determined. I also think they would rightly feel pretty snubbed by the Pro Bowl voting. Thank you for the motivation to keep focused and playing hard.

Speaking of which let me talk a second about the Pro Bowl. Yes it is a complete sham. You need to have the coaches and players vote more and stop letting fans and journalists have so much say. No offense fans, but you suck at voting. I know when I put my votes in I didn't have enough information on other team's players in any way, shape, or form. I like the idea in theory, but make it count for 20%.

Also, I said this in the game thread, but it bears repeating. KC having 5 guys in the Pro Bowl in an insult to the game of football. If you are such good players, why did you have no impact on this game? Charles, Hali, Berry...anyone? You got waffle-stomped by us. GTFO of here with your "great player" junk. Win some games and then come talk about good players.

I thought KC would be pretty out-matched against our team overall especially this late in the season with such a sucky situation they are in. I was very right. They looked like they might be able to do something early, but our offense and defense both imposed their will as the game went on. The game was over when the 3rd quarter started in all honesty.


  • Play calling very aggressive early. This is what I want to see come playoffs...jump out early and put pressure on the other teams....then don't let up on the gas until the game is over.
  • Love to see Knowshon Moreno punch it in with patience and some serious power from the 2 yard line. That kid is doing it right! He would have had a big game if we would have actually needed him. Since KC sucks so bad he got to have a breather which I don't disagree with one bit.
  • Orlando Franklin goes out with an injury and his replacement Chris Clark looks pretty poor. Here's where we need some improvement in depth in the off-season for sure. Many of us were very happy to see Franklin come back out on the field.
  • Eric Decker in the Red Zone is too deadly when you have a QB like Peyton Manning who can throw into tight windows. His route running is so precise. His hands seem much more soft too for some reason...when's the last time he dropped a pass in the end zone? His catch at the end of the first half was one of the sickest catches I've seen all season...great concentration to reel the ball in.
  • Here's the thing I notice this game about Peyton Manning. He is really getting used to throwing to those big receivers. Passes to both Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker are often high and away in a spot that is impossible for the defender to get to but comfortably in range for their height and arm length.
  • Lance Ball looked very good running for a series early in the first half. He ran with speed and even got a first down on a 2 yard run with power of all things. His running later in the 3rd quarter was pretty shaky again, but he got a TD from a great performance by our line. Then in the 4th quarter he looked like a stud running to the outside. Good stuff Lance.
  • Demaryius Thomas seriously flew for his TD handed. You have to give him some serious props for that catch. DT not getting voted to the Pro Bowl is a fantastic example of how stupid the Pro Bowl voting is. Wes Welker can only dream about making catches like that.
  • Virgil Green's stat line won't impress, but he's such a good TE for us right now. Realize the only reason he doesn't have bigger stats is because of the talent in front of him. He's a very talented TE though...both in the passing game and run blocking. He runs great routes and hardly ever gets beat when blocking from what I've seen.
  • Hester really looks good running the ball late. I'd like to see him or Ronnie Hillman back up Knowshon in the playoffs. Here's what he has that Ball doesn't: Consistent power. He has that lean and push like McGahee where he can shove and fall forward for an extra yard or two.


  • KC tested our run D early inside and found it to be very strong inside. Then they started having success to the outside. As the game wore on this became a non-issue really. KC is without a QB which makes it easy to start playing the run.
  • Tony Carter has some text-book coverage on an early 3rd and 6...he shadowed his receiver and reached around him to swat the ball away without interfering in any way. It reminded me a lot of Champ Bailey who we've seen do that several times each season. Props on this play to the pass rush for pressuring Brady Quinn to make him get rid of the ball early.
  • Von Miller and Keith Brooking both taking bad angles on the edge runs by KC early.
  • Rahim Moore looks very on target against the run when he's not blocked. He also gets a great sack at the end of the 1st half on a great play call by Jack Del Rio...brought 6 on a blitz on 3rd and long. His coverage against the TE routes was very solid with good tackling form...he did a ton this game to minimize the damage Tony Moeaki could do to us.
  • Keith Brooking got a well-deserved sack on a great blitz call. We took advantage of KC's blocking scheme to get Brooking a free shot at Quinn.
  • I also want to give a shout-out to Kevin Vickerson. He was a dominant force in the front-7 and made KC have to scheme their plays away from him or double-team him constantly when he was in the game.
  • It is a shame the Defense didn't get a better challenge. They really weren't threatened much other than the 1st quarter. Its like we were playing against a college team.

Special Teams:

  • Matt Prater made one from 40+ - 50. Good job getting him some practice going into the playoffs.

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