j man playoff preview

What a Great year for the Denver Broncos

and BTW we are the Favs or at the very worst co fav with NE

AFC First 6 Houston Texans - First off this is 1 of my fav blogs to go to but since Thanking they had played like a 500 team if u slow their running game down they become very beatable and if u block JJ Watt u can attack their corners Its 50-50 they beat CINY and if they do NE Will beat them by 14 pts

5 Indy Colts - This its a good football team that is hot right now can beat Balt but i dont see it unless Flacco throws INT'S Its more than luck its guys like T Y Hilton and Donnie Avery the reason they can beat Balt is at best Balt will only put up 27-30 pts and if luck is hot he can match that but Denver would score 40 plus on their D

4 CINN Bengals - they have a underrated front 7 and a souild DC in zimmer but a average HC only 1 WR ave RB Ciny can beat Houston but wouild lose at Denver because do u really think daltion could put 40 on the board aga Denver underrated Def

3 Balt Ravens - this is the only team that can stop a NE/DEN AFC Champ Game they match up well Aga Ne as Broncos fans we need to root for CINY Sat Because if Balt goes to NE They will wear NE DOWN but that said If Balt @ ne NE Wins 28-21 Balt @ DEN Den wins 27-14

2 New England Pats we all know their Off but they are banged up on D their only change is Gronk and welker haveing big days but as long as denver startes fast against NE Denver should win 45-42


6 Minn Vikings - ap is outstanding but this team has many weak points my 02 i think GB Lost Yestday on purouse because CHI OR NYG would had been much harder for GB

5 Washington Redskins Snanny has done a amazing job but Seattle can slow rg3 down and wash is banged up

4 SF 4Gers Kap is too up down for a SB Run J Smith at 50 Percent will hurt this team very bad

3 Seattle Seahawks they are HOT Right now and they are a dark horse to get to SB 47 but they could also lose in round 1

2 Atl Falcons souild team but they are missing something can ryan step up and beat SEA/WASH and SF/GB we will see

1 Green bay Packers -they are the NFC Fav right now but that Said i think they Lose to DEN OR NE in SB 47

Playoff rank


2 NE

3 GB



6 SF







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