my first mock, read it!

Decided to do my first official mock, threw in some FA ideas, enjoy.

Round 1, pick 25. I'm a big supporter of the concept of trading down for more picks in the draft. With great scouts, talent in the later rounds can be just as good add talent in the first. Plus Denver needs depth all across the board. So with the 25th pick in the 2012 nfl draft, there's been a trade. Denver trades its 25 to Philadelphia for their 46th and 51st picks in the second round. This could be especially likely if Hightower or Burfict is still available at the 25, Philly's biggest need is at MLB.

Round 2, pick 46, from Philadelphia. Once again there's been a trade. Sure there will probably many players available that could fill one of our many needs, but depth is still a large priority, especially if you're a believer in building through the draft as the denver FO had said it is. I have no reasoning for this trade partner, just needed one. The Broncos trade the 46th pick overall to the Saints for the 59th and 90th selections.

Round 2, pick 51, from Philadelphia. Jared Crick, DT/DE Nebraska. 6'6" 285.

In Crick's sophomore season he was a large contributor to the Nebraska defense. Along side Suh, he managed 9.5 sacks and 15 TFLs as well as 16 QB hurries, 4 pass deflections and 2 FFs. Many contributed his success to all the attention Suh was receiving, although when he took over Suh's role in his junior year his stats weren't affected. He was able to match his sack total of 9.5 and increase his TFL to 17. He also averaged 5 tackles a game. Crick was a projected 1st rounder until he missed his senior season due to injury, now he'll be a steal in the second. Crick would provide a much needed pass rush up the middle for the Broncos as well as stuff the run. Some Denver fans may not like this pick due to his weight of only 285, and many would project him as a 3-4 DE in the NFL, I think he could put on about 20 lbs and be one of the best 4-3 DTs in the game. Also considering his experience at DE, he could sub for pass rushing Doom on running downs and if Del Rio or Fox wants to take a page from the super bowl caliber giants defense, Crick would work well in an occasional 5-2 set.

PLUS: I posted a question to the G360 live interview with Von Miller that aired this morning and asked who he would like Denver to draft and he said Jared Crick, so I gotta go with Von's instincts.

Round 2, pick 57 Kendall Reyes, DT UConn. 6'4" 300.

Yes another DT, first a Husker and now a Huskie. The Broncos don't have much going on at the DT position besides some hole filling FAs from a year ago and some roster spot filling younger players with low ceilings. Reyes and Crick could hold down the middle of or defensive line for years to come. Reyes as a senior had 46 tackles, 13.5 for loss. If you saw him in the Senior Bowl you know he's a beast, he came away with 2.5 sacks. As far as DTs in FA, I doubt we bring in anybody, maybe another DE that's a step above Ayers i.e. Williams, Avril, Campbell. All very young, under 27 years old.

Round 2, pick 59, from New Orleans. Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia. 5'10" 185.

Boykin, a very talented and versatile corner will great athleticism and ball skills could fit in very well with Broncos. Not exactly ideal size for a corner but could be the number 2 across from Champ. Boykin is also a very talented return man, Another reason I like him is he's from Georgia, just like our future HOFer Champ. Maybe they develop a special Bulldog/Bronco bond and Boykin becomes the next Bailey. The Broncos could possibly bring in a FA CB considering the play of Goodman. Brandon Carr possibly if he gets away from the Arrowheads.

Round 3, pick 88, Audie Cole, ILB, NC State. 6'4" 248.

Mays struggled all season long, apart from the occasional run stop Mays didn't get it done. Nate Irving also a 3rd round pick by the Broncos from NC State drafted last year didn't seem to be able to make it onto the field this past season. Cole played Sam before switching to mike to replace Irving his senior year. In his years starting he racked up 73, 86 and 108 tackles, improving each year. I've also read that he is very solid in pass coverage which is where Mays struggled. Whats keeping him from being drafted higher is his lack of athleticism. In all likelihood I see the Broncos MLB spot consisting of Connor, Irving and Cole although none of them stand apart from the other. Maybe the Broncos should look to bring in a big name MLB, such as Lofton, Tulloch or Jackson each still young under 28.

Round 3, pick 90, from New Orleans. Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian State, 6'5" 220.

The Broncos wide receiver core is young, talented and promising, but very thin. Thomas is an up and coming number one receiver, when healthy we all saw what he is capable of. Decker makes for a great slot receiver and Tebow will be able to count on him for years to come. Royal is stuck in a system that doesn't match his skill set, although if he truly wants to stay in Denver, he could fill a fourth spot/option/return role nicely. And Willis is always the first player I cut in madden franchise mode. The Broncos don't have a number two wr, although Brian Quick could fill that role nicely. At 6'5" he's a big target and that is exactly what Tebow needs to succeed. Averaging 17 yards a catch thought out his career he's proveh he is the type of downfield target Tebow loves. Quick would fit our offense perfectly and give defenses something else to worry about. Coming out of the FCS, Quick hasn't proven himself against great competition and that's what causes him to fall. As far as FA WRs, the ones that do actually become available, I doubt will be interested in coming to Denver to catch 15 passes all season.

Round 4, pick 120 Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State, 5'10" 216.

As long as Tebow is in Denver the running game will be the focus of our offense. Personally I think the "number one rush offense" was overrated. How could a team not be number one when they run the ball 97% of the time. If the Broncos run the ball next year as frequently as they did this past season, with a full off-season and more talented backs the team as a whole should eclipse 3,000 yards. Turbin could be a solid contributor to that number in 2012. Moreno, Ball, Johnson just weren't solid change up guys behind the resurrected McGahee. Turbin missed his junior season due to injury, but put up excellent numbers on both rushing and receiving in his sophomore and senior seasons. Averaged over 6 yards a carry,100 yards a game and over 10 yards a reception.He reminds me of Ray Rice. I think Tolbert is a possible FA signing, maybe Hillis, but unlikely.

Round 5, pick 129 from St. Louis, Chris Rainey, RB/WR Florida, 5'9"

Former pitch back of Tebow, in his senior season he led his team in rushing yards, receptions, punt return yards and all purpose yards. Also set school record with 6 blocked punts. Runs a 4.24, could stretch the field out wide, catch out the back field out run the option with Tebow. Very versatile player. Reminds me of D. Jax mixed with Sproles.

Round 5, pick 129, Chad Diehl, FB, Clemson, 6'2" 260

The Broncos need a true FB, plain and simple, and Diehl is the best in the draft. Larsen has been versatile for Denver but a true FB could help the run game alot.

Round 7, pick 216, Ryan Miller, OT, Colorado, 6'7" 295

Not sure if he'll be here, but our line needs depth, solid run blocker but not great at pass blocking, sounds like the rest of our line. Due to his height smaller ends are able to get under his pad level and bull rush him into the QB(dumervil would be this guys nightmare.) Has been effective on defense as well especially in blocking FGs. FA o-line, wouldn't Grubbs or Nicks be excellent?

Anyway tell me what you think!

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