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Have never really done this before but since I visit this place everyday figure I would give it a shot. We all know how last season went and if anything want more consistency out of this team in 2012. There are some great pieces in place and the potential for some giant wholes depending on how free agency falls. Anyways lets get this started. I see our biggest needs as: MLB, CB, RB, DL, OL in that order.

Broncos we resign

- Broderick Bunkley is an absolute must. Very underated season and a steal for what we paid for. Give the big guy the money he deserves or if we were ever to franchise tag a player he would be choice until a long term deal can get done.

- Matt Prater clutch, clutch and more clutch last season and gets us a touch back practically everytime we kicked off last season.

- Britton Colquitt showed great improvement this last season and shouldn't go anywhere expecially since he is an exclusive rights free agent.

- Daniel Fells was a good blocker last season with decent hands and seemed to open quite a bit just never got the ball. If Tebow needs anything lets keep come familiar faces to help him develop as a passer.

-Eddie Royal want to keep him as a punt/ kick returner if we can. Don't know if he has shown enough the last couple seasons to earn a big check somewhere else. But with Shanahan lurking you just never know.

- Mario Haggan guy has class and played a good game when Miller was hurt, seems like a solid presence in the locker room and team leader.

-Russ Hochstein filled in well the last couple seasons with injuries and knows the system. If we can keep him for a decent price I say pull the trigger. Hope we sign him and he never sees any game time unless its 4th quarter garbage time.

-Marcus Thomas the man tried to leave last year and didn't really get any great offers and came back. Think that is the story once again this offseason. Sign him to another 1 year deal and will add quality depth and push for a starting spot.

Think that is all the major re-singings to me, would love to keep WW but think he will earn a better chance at a starting job on another team. Will miss him but hands down DJ is a better player and keeping him at one position for 2 years in a row may help him play to his talent level. Hope we can restructure his contract to help pool more money for quality free agents. We can all dream can't we. Also don't see any of our RFA going anywhere.

Offensive Free agents:

QB- we all know that we need to bring in a quality back up for a number of reasons. For one to help push Tebow (not that he needs a lot of help), but most importantly after the dreadful loss to the Patriots there is a realistic chance he will sit for a couple games due to injury. So after thinking long and hard

Jason Campbell, I know I am going to get yelled at for this but he is a quality QB and a recent article from the post got me thinking. Think it was by Woody Paige and he said something along the lines that any QB we pick up is going to come into camp wanting to compete and thinking they are better than Tebow. He handled himself well in Oakland and seems to be a class act. Other plausible options are Josh Johnson and Denis Dixon but think we would be in the same boat as last year with Tebow and both of them seem injury prone. Also thought about Gerrard but don't see him wanting to reunite with Del Rio.

RB- We all know its just a pipe dream that the top tier RBs in this class are getting the franchise tag. So I would say we need some new blood in the draft and judging by last years pickup of McGahee I would say we go for a solid veteran who has been stuck on the depth chart.

Jason Snelling would probably come on the cheaper side of things and seems to be a pretty good all around talent. Not a lot of number to look at but hard to when he is stuck behind a work horse. Also has fresh legs and decent hands out of the backfield. Also he is only 28 years old so could lock him up for a couple of years no problem. Other choices would be BenJarvis Green Ellis and Tim Hightower.

FB- I don't know if we let Larsen walk or not but am far from sold as Sylvester as our only FB on the roster. We could wait for the draft but think that a good FB can make a good RB/ O-Line look a heck of a lot better and we all know that we need to pound the rock to help Tebow.

Jacob Hester not only are we stealing a back from san diego but he seems to be very solid and can run in a pinch. Solid hands and don't know how much of an upgrade he would be but the bolts always seem to have a good running attack since he entered the league. Still very young with room to improve at 26.

WR- I like where we sit at the moment and need to let the young guys develop. One thing we could do is go out and get a solid veteran to help teach DT and Decker learn the ropes a little bit. I also think we go after a deep threat in the later rounds of the draft and the guys on the practice squad showed some promise last pre-season. Think we could stand pat at this position if Eddie Royal is resigned and if he isn't maybe pursue Ted Ginn for his return abilities if he slips out of San Francisco

O-Line- to be honest I think that Walton is servicable and needs some competition. So I say bring in a some competition at center and look to add some more youth though the draft.

Chris Myers solid center from a run based offense and think the Texans are going to have a hard time keeping all of their UFA this year. Knows the city and know that it won't to hard signing an o-linemen who knows there are in a smash mouth style of offense.

Marcus McNeill think we can get him on the cheap and compete with Harris as a back up. Think if it is at the right price it will be a low risk high ceiling type of deal.

TE- Don't really know what to think of this situation at the moment. Some good prospects moving forward but think it is worth our while to let them develop and wait to see whats happens in the draft. I am okay going into the draft with Fells, Green and Thomas.

Defensive Free Agents

Think this is where we are going to spend the majority of our money this offseason. Too many years of neglect and the talent level behind some core starters is really bad. With Del Rio on board and some infusion of talent we could be scary good next season.

D tackle- think that if we resign most of the pieces we have in place and get a draft pick or 2 we will be looking pretty decent here and say we stand pat. John Fox never seems to pursue huge name tackles and look what he did last season. Did very little and managed to patchwork together a decent group.

D end- Hunter was solid back up and don't know what to think of Ayers. Think will add some depth/ rotational players and pursue someone that can push Ayers. Harvey might be back but if Del Rio wasn't too happy with him in Jacksonville and won't really miss him.

Cliff Avril May take a little bit more money than we would like but think it is worth the gamble. Good all around player and with Dumervil on the other side and Miller coming from the outside I think we would have one of the best pass rushes in the league. Also seemed to have very similar numbers as Ayers but more sacks. He also really pissed me off during the Detroit game but my memory is pretty hazy from that game.

LB- Think we are set at everything but MLB and should let Joe Mays walk. Nate Irving is still learning but think this is the most important part of our defense making the next step. We have some youth at this position and 2 stallwart started in Miller and DJ.

Dan Connor another player that is buried on the depth chart behind a pro bowl player. He is young, knows Fox and is from the linebacker factory Penn State. A lot of others have him as a high priority and would really love to lock him up for a couple of years.

CB- This is going to interesting what we do at this position. To put it simply we are too young and too old at this position. Champ and Carter are going to be back. Who knows what Goodman will do and wouldn't mind cutting him and spending on some younger talent. My choice is sign a big name and then draft one early. The way the league is moving and the way we got torched last season by good passing teams this is a must.

Brandon Carr another one of those situations of stealing good young talent from a division foe so it seems like a win win in my book. Decent size and cover skills and young enough to imporve and be a key factor for this team for years to come.

S- At safety I think Dawkins will return next season and we need another year to see what we have in Moore and Carter. Say stand pat and wait to see what happens. Champ will moving here in the next couple of seasons so don't want to break the bank on anybody just yet.

Think to be on the highly optimistic yet feasable side of free agency. Don't know how much we are going to add in FA but if we got them for the right price think that it is a good blend of youth and talent to really help this team in the long run.

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