outsider look on some potential Denver FA targets

Hey im coming to you as a jags fan and bills fan with Denver being my third favorite Team in the league so im by no means a die hard denver fan. But that is not to say i do not wish the best for yal and root for denver as long as you arent playing jacksonville or buffalo.i am curious to see how denvers season shapes up next year and that starts with free agency. I was wondering how things were shaping up as far as free agency?

These are some names for free agency i looked at and thought could be good fits for denver and i was wondering what some hardcore denver fans thought of this? feed back is always welcomed and sorry if these names have already been floated around and am just stating the obvious

Jason Jones-DT Tennessee

Bio-6'5 276 age 25

Last year stats-34 pressures from DT position, best in the league

Breakdown-had a bad year this year playing DE and doesnt look like hes going to resign with tennessee(thank god) considering he is better suited at DT. He is one of the Best pass rushing DT in the league leading the league in pressures for DT in 2010 with 34. From first hand experience watching two games a year of this guy, he is a beast and can really change the game and he isnt a huge liability in the run game. With Bunkley on the other side stuffing the run i think the combo of Jones, Miller, and Dumervil would be unblockable for many teams on passing downs. He IMO would sure up the DT position for the broncos at least for next year and he wont be a huge cost.

Ben Grubbs-OG Baltimore

Bio-6'3 310 age 27

This year stats-4 sacks and 6 pressures allowed in 10 games

Breakdown-probably most everybody on this site knows atleast a little about Ben Grubbs so i wont spend a lot of time talking about him. Denvers interior line play could use some upgrading after last season and Grubbs could be a reasonably priced guy(in comparison to Carl Nicks) that could do that. He is a solid pass blocker and a road grading run blocker with a wide body and some good power. He would fit right in with Denvers run game. Hes also coming off of turf toe which is worth noting. There are reports the ravens aren't optimistic that he will be resigned, so he could be a good player to watch if the Broncos are looking to address interior line this offseason.

Martellus Bennett-TE Dallas

Bio-6'6 272 age 24

This year stats-nothing special

Breakdown-this is the guy I'm the most iffy on out of this list. He isn't hugely productive but he has every physical attribute you look for in a TE. He is big great blocker and a good receiver. The reason i put him on this list is due to the fact he has been behind Witten his entire career and that might have been impeding his development. He should be alot better than he is and in the right system he could explode into a very productive young tight end. COULD is the key word there though. He would come extremely cheap and i have a gut feeling he could be a good outlet for tebow but he is like i said, he has the most bust potential out of this list. Even though he'll sign for about tree fitty.

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