My GM box 2.0

Hello fellow Bronco fanatics. Here we go again with another offseason of what I would like to see Denver do.

First thing first, our own FA's. I would resign, in order of priority:

>Matt Prater, K- Prater had some struggles last year, and should have been given more chances to kick to long ball, but that is Fox ball. He played the field position and it worked out for us most of the time.

>Britton Colquitt, P- First a K then the P as the top priorities for Denver. While like I said for Prater, Fox like to play the field position game. Colquitt and Prater are more like 1a and 1b, but both need to be back in orange and blue.

>Brodrick Bunkley, DT- Brodrick was pivotal in our run D. Would like him to improve on his pass rush, but still #3 on my list.

>Eddie Royal, WR- I know some of you think that Eddie is not great, but I don't think he has been used right. I think #1 he needs to be our #1 kick and punt returner. I'm so sick of seeing Crosby or Decker or Willis back there returning. Eddie is awesome at returning. He could go every time he touches the ball. Also, I think he needs to be used in the same fashion as Steve Smith in Carolina. Eddie hs wheels and can beat most coverages deep. Also think he could be used more in the running game like a Percy Harvin type.

>Daniel Fells, TE- Not a sexy TE, but he has been with Timmy for a year and would get an offseason to get on the same page. He should see his numbers go up next year. This is also good for our other younger TE's, Thomas and Green. They get to learn from a good guy and get another year to develop.

>Wesley Woodyard, OLB- I know most think he will go for a starters pay somewhere else, but I personally hope he stays in Denver. I've also heard mentioned that he could be converted back to safety to cover the bigger, faster TE's. Not a bad idea, considering that we have Gates twice, Gonk, Hernandez, Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzalez,and other next year.

>Spencer Larsen, FB- I think we stays and should be cheap. He need to improve on his lead blocking, but I tihnk we could feed him the ball more also. In 31 career ruching and recieving attempts he has never put the ball on the ground.

Other FA's form around the NFL I would like in orange and blue.

>Shaun Hill, QB- A great backup for years under Stafford. He is 13-13 in 26 career starts. Not a sexy pickup, but would give Tebow some competition and allow Weber andother year to develop.

>MIke Tolbert, RB- He adds that big, goal line back that haven't had since Hillis was traded to Cleveland. As great out of the back field as he caught more then 50 balls this past season. If Timmy can just hit the check down more often next year, Tolbert and Fells will get more catches. Aslso he becomes 1b to McGahee's 1a.

>Marcus McNeil, OT or Jared Gaither, OT- This is for 1 reason, to move Franklin to RG and let McNeil or Gaither and Harris battle for the RT position. Then Franklin and Beadles can battle it out for the LG position. This also adds a ton of depth to both tackle and guard positions.

>Andre Gurode, G/C- Long in the tooth, but would push Walton for playing time. I think Beadles and Walton are our weak links in the OL. So, with Gurode, and McNeil/Gaither signings we would have competion and quility backups.

>Amobi Okoye, DT- A quality backup. With Bunkley and Warren the starters, Okoye would be a good pass rusher. He has 15 sacks in 78 career games. Not great but better then McBean and Vickerson.

>Lofa Tatupu, MLB- I would like to get Connor, but with recent comments about Denver wanting to start Irving, I think we should go with a MLB that can push Irving, but also start if Irving is not ready. Tatupu was a great starter in the begining of his career, but injuries have taken a toll. He would come cheap as he needs to prove he is health and ready for football again after taking last year off.

>William Middleton, CB- I would love to get Carr or Grimes, but think we will go more in the direction of a 2-3 star player. Middleton knows Del Rio, and has played well under him. Not a big time starter but he is young and ready for more action. 39 career games with 9 of them being starts. He could push Goodwin out the door.

>LaRon Laundry, S- This is only of Dawkins retires. I think that we need a guy that has some experience deep, and Laundry is that and some. He would be better then Dawkins, but as Dawkins is here I would let Dawkins decide if wants another year or not. Laundry and Carter with Moore as #1 backup.

Know to the Draft, first the trades...we trade Knowshon to NE for a 4th round pick (#127). Then we trade our 1st round pick(#25) to Seattle for a 2nd(#41), 3rd(#72) and 4th round (#104). Yes this is more value for Denver, but this is very close to waht Denver gave up for Timmy 2 years ago. Seattle moves back into the 1st round to draft Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M. Know onto Denvers draft:

#41 Denver selects: Jared Crick, DT/DE, Nebraska- provides great inside pressure. He had 9.5 sacks in his last 2 years at Nebraska. 1 the Suh and 1 without. I think we can use him as a De on run downs and a DT on passing downs.

#57 Denver selects: Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall- Yes another pass rusher, but I think he could be better then Ayers. The other guys I would consider here are: Lamar Miller(RB), or Stephen Hill(WR). But I would like to stay on the D side for now.

#72 Denver selects: Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina- A big, small college player who can ball. Had a great senior bowl. I think this will only add to our depth. I see him battling with Harris for nickle package or Vaughn for dime package. Great depth.

#88 Denver selects: Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State- Not overall fast, but I think he will be better then Moreno. He will be more then a 3rd down back. Better then Ball, and better then Johnson form last yeat.

#104 Denver selestc: Joe Adams, WR/RS, Arkansas- I love this guy. If for some reason Royal leaves, this guy could step right in and replace him. #1 returner on the team. Fast burner (4.38 40) who can strech the field in the #2 or slot position.

#120 Denver selects: Chris Rainey, RB/WR/RS, Florida- I know this is just like Adams, but I draft him for Timmy. Let him run some zone option with a guy that could go the distance any time. Plus him and Adams would be great battling it out for the best returner. Rainey would be our 3rd down back/slot reciever, I'm thinking McCluster or Sproles in NO.

#127 Denver selects: Mike Martin, DT, Michigan- Good depth player, who should push Thomas and Vickerson for a roster spot. A high-motor, high-character player. Can't get enough of those type of players on any team. Should only be expected to be a routional player year 1.

#129 Denver selects: Tank Carder, LB, TCU- This is a guy that I think will have a great NFL career. He can play any LB position, but might make it better as a mike. I think year 1 we let him backup Miller at sam. High tackle rate in college, so he is always around the ball. 236 lbs so he fits the Fox mold and runs a 4.67 40, so he has the wheels also.

#152 Denver selects: Ryan Miller, OT/OG, Colorado- I just wnat this guy to stay in Colorado. Played High School and College here, so why not the pros also. He can play both tackle and guard. I think he will mature into a good RT in 2-3 years.

#216 Denver selects: Russel Wilson, QB, Wisconsin- Iknow most of you think that he won't last until here, but if does measure in at 5'11", I think he could be here. I think he battle with Weber for the #3 and who ever loses out will be on the practice squad. I also like Asa Jackson, CB, Cal Poly here.

Final 53:

QB: Timmy Tebow, Shaun Hill, and Adam Weber.

RB: Willis McGahee, Mike Tolbert, Robert Turbin* and Mario Fannin.

FB: Spencer Larsen.

WR: Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Eddie Royal, Joe Adams*, and Chris Rainey*.

TE: Daniel Fells, Juluis Thomas, and Virgil Green

LT: Ryan Clady, and Marcus McNeil/Jared Gaither

LG: Orlando Franklin, and Zane Beadles

OC: J.D. Walton, and Andre Gurode

RG: Chris Kuper, and Ryan Miller*

RT: Marcus McNeil/Jared Gaither, and Ryan Harris

DE: Elvis Dumervil, Jared Crick*, Robert Ayers, and Vinny Curry*

DT: Brodrick Bunkley, Ty Warren, Amobi Okoye, and Mike Martin*

SLB: Von Miller, Mike Mohamed and Tank Carder*

MLB: Nate Irving, and Lofa Tatupu

WLB: D.J. Williams, and Wesley Woodyard

CB: Champ Bailey, Williams Middleton, Chris Harris, Josh Norman*, and Cassius Vaughn.

FS: LaRon Laundry, and Rahim Moore.

SS: Quinton Carter, Rafeal Bush, and David Burton.

K: Matt Prater

P: Britton Colquitt

LS: Lonnie Paxton

KR: Joe Adams, Eddie Royal and Cassius Vaughn.

PR: Eddie Royal, Joe Adams, and Chris Rainey.

There you have it FA's, Draft picks, and a finel 53. Let me know what you guys think of it.

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