QB and what MHR wants? 2.0

In the 1st part the poll cam out as the following: 29% for 2nd tier guy and Brady Quinn; 17% for late round draft pick; 12% for top draft pick and 11% for veteran guy like Gerrard or Campbell. So for those of you that picked any thing but Quinn and 2nd tier, you will have to pick something else this time around. Lets jump into some names.

Brady Quinn has been thrown around because he knows the system, but he might also want out of down? Who knows. Brady has started 12 career games, and won only 3 of them, but that was with Cleveland so how much stock cn we hold in that...jk...but not really. His career coompletion pct. in a whooping 52.1%. He has a TD to Interception ratio of 10-9. And a QB rating of 66.8. He has never started for our mighty Broncos, so the jury is still out on Brady.

Dennis Dixon has only played in 4 games, starting 3 of them. He has a record of 2-1. His career completion pct. is 59.3. He has a TD/Int. ration of 1-2. And a Qb rating of 71.4. He has been stuck behind both Roethlisberger and BAtch for 4 years know. Maybe Denver can offer more playing time for this 1 time Duck.

Josh Johnson has played in 26 games and started 5 of them. Unfortunately he has never won a game in which he started. He completes 54.2% of his passes, and has a TD/Int. ratio of 1-2(5-10). His QB rating is 40.1. He does run good with ball(37-254(6.9)-0

David Carrs name has come up, this is for you Zac Man. With 92 career games, and 79 of them being starts, he definitley has the expeince we are looking for. In those 79 starts he has a record of 23-46 with his best year being 2004 at 7-9. He has not started a game since 2007. Has played 3 of the last 4 years in NY with the Giants. He completes 59.7% of his passes and has a TD/Int. ratio of 65-71. A career QB rating of 74.9 makes him a very intriguing prospect to back up Timmy.

Jeff Garcia is another name being mentioned around here. Hasn't played since 2009, but was signed last year by Houston. He is only 42 years old so he should stil have some tread left right? Has 125 games of NFL experience and has started 116 of those games. HAs won and lost 58 games in those 116 starts. Completes 61.6% of his passes and has a TD/Int. ratio of 161-83. His career QB rating stands at 87.5. Also could intice TO to come to Denver, so Zac Man I just had to. Don't know how mush he has left, but could be a great asset for Timmy in his learning how to read D's.

Those are the big 5 that have been mention around he lately. But if you have others pleases list them in the comment section. Go Broncos and have a great day!!!

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