RB and what MHR wants???

The QB went split between grabing a 2nd tier guy like Dixon or resigning Quinn. I wanted some new blood in Denver. So, I'll go with Dennis Dixon. Although he only has 4 career games, and 3 starts he is 2-1 in those games. Completes alomost 60% and only 2 interceptions in 59 career attempts. As far as rushing he had 10 attempts for 56 yards and a touchdown. Recent news has said we will bring in 2 QB's. I think this means a vet and a rookie. So those of you that wanted a draft pick will get your wish also. Lets move onto runningbacks...Jump, jump, jump over!!!

Currently we have Willis McGahee, Knowshon Moreno, Lance Ball, Jeremiah Johnson, Mario Fannin, and Xavier Omon. I don't think we have a good #2 guy on the roster. Yes, that goes for Moreno as well. Moreno is no more then a #3 guy at best. Fannin could develop onto a goood #2, even a #1 in time, but not next year. Ball and Johnson where servicable last year and I would like to see Johnson back, but I think we can do better then BAll. Omon is just for practice and depth for the summer. There sre some really good runningbacks this offseason.

Ray Rice, Baltimore---going back to Baltimore, no chance he hits the market without a francise tag at the least.

Matt Forte, Chicago---Word is Chicago and Forte are working on a long term contract. At the least he gets the tag as well.

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle---could be the best, but would not understand Seattle letting him walk. He has been there back bone on offence the last 2 years. Would be a nice addition, but I don't see Seattle letting him walk.

Peyton Hillis, Cleveland---this is the type of runner I would like to bring into Denver, but don't think it will be him. Peyton is going to want to be starter, not starting FB. I think him and McGahee would work good together. Could be looking at 200+ carries with McGAhhee getting about the same. Questions: Is he wanting #1 starting money??? if so NO. 3-4 million for 3 years...yes. I think he lokks somewhere else though.

Mike Tolbert, SD---This is my #1 guy When was the last time a young guy left SD and didn't pan out? Micheal Turner...NOPE. Darren Sproles...NOPE. I think he would take less then Hillis and produce more. This guy is a goal line machine. Add him to McGahee and Timmy...WOWOWOWOWOW!!! I think this would make our rushing offence #1 for years to come.

BenJarvis Green-Ellis---I like the guy, but don't think he leaves NE. If he does, I hope KC doesn't get him. 24 TD's in the last 2 years...enough said. The guy produces behind a line built more for pass protecting Mr. Brady. Would make a get #2 to McGahee and the ability to take over for McGahee in a year or 2.

Micheal Bush, Oakland---Would be nice to take him from Oakland and last year he was #1 on my list, so McGahee. This year He would be #4 or so on my list. The fact that this guy, at his size, wear down at the end of last year. I think he would be great for a #2 behind McGahee, but I would like to get a guy who could replace McGahee in 2013 or 2014.

Other Fa names: Jason Snelling, Atlanta; Justin Forster, Seattle; Jerious Norwood, St. Louis; Earnest Grahahm, TB; or Tim Hightower, Washington.

The draft could be another place to get a runner. I know the Fox likes 1st and 2nd round picks, history has him taking 2 1st rounders(DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart) and 2 2nd rounders(DeSahun Foster, and Eric Shelton). He has only aking 3 other RBs in his draft history(2 in the 4th and 1 in the 7th). As far as 1st and 2nd round backs this year lets start with:

Lamar Miller, Miami(Fla.)---Great back who could take over McGahee for #1 this year, but at the least next year. He has that 1-cut and gone speed. I would be okay with this as well. I think he would be a reach at #25, but should be gone by #57. I think we would have to trade down or take him at #25.

David Wilson, V-Tech---Great speed, but when was the last time a V-Tech RB made it in the NFL...Kevin Smith??? Yes I believe colleges do produce good players a position...aka Penn State produces good LBers. Miami(Fla.) produces good RB's. Wilson could be a good back, but I don't think he will be as good as Miller, but he might be there when Denver selects in the 2nd.

Doug Martin, Boise State---Alot of MHRers have mocked him to us in the 2nd. I don't know much about him, but if you like him then great. A good sized back at 5'9" and 219 with great speed (4.48 40 time).

Chris Polk, Washington---A true north/south runner who keeps moving after contact. Biggest concern is 2 shoulder surgerys and a knee scope in college. Also has carried the ball over 700 times the last 3 years. He does have 3-1000 yard season though. Would be great #2 to McGahee.

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