Hopes and dreams!!

We all have all sorts of ideas on how things might go this year. While I don't claim that my ideas are any better or worse than anyone else's, jump with me to see what hopes and dreams I have for the Broncos this year!

Round 1, Pick 25:
Devon Still (DT, Penn State; 6'5" 307)
He's been mentioned enough, but to recap, a great run-stopping, pass-rushing presence to shore up the inside of theat D-line.

Round 2, Pick 57:
Josh Norman (CB, Coastal Carolina; 6'1" 203)
Moving quickly up the ranks after great showing at the East-West Shrine game. Great burst in small spaces, makes good decisions with ball in the air, and incredibly fluid for his size.

Round 3, Pick 88:
Stephen Hill (WR, Georgia Tech; 6'4" 208)
Look no further than Megatron and our own DT to see that GATech produces some pretty solid receivers. Hill may not have the same level of talent as those guys, but he is still quite fun to watch. He can make the circus catches, but sometimes struggles with good passes. Faster than he timed, and not afraid to take a hit.

Round 4, Pick 120:
Jake Bequette (DE, Arkansas; 6'4" 264)
Tenacity and freakish athleticism make up this guy. No durability issues, hard worker, incredible pass rusher. Disciplined against the run but needs to develop strength and disengagement skills to take it to the next level. Has played all positions on the D line, so versatility and understanding of other assignments is impressive.

Round 5, Pick 129:
Janzen Jackson (S, McNeese State; 6'0" 193)
One of the better ball-hawking safeties in this draft, but possible character issues. Has the speed and burst to catch up to receivers and shows CB-like covereage skills. Solid and willing in run support, has natural ability and confidence. Can cover TEs very well, reads QBs well, but may struggle against fast slot receivers.

Round 5, Pick 152:
Mike Iltis (C, Colorado; 6'3" 290)
Don't know too much about the guy, but did pretty well shoring up the center position for the Buffs last season. Plus, never hurts to have a hometown guy! :)

I don't know enough about the rest of the rounds, so I won't even bother. :)

Free Agency:
Curtis Lofton (Atlanta, MLB; 6'0" 241)
Brandon Carr (Kansas City, CB; 6'0" 207) or Brent Grimes (Atlanta, CB; 5'10" 183)
BenJarvus Green-Ellis (New England, RB; 5'11" 215)
Scott Chandler (Buffalo, TE; 6'7" 263)
Mark Anderson (New England, DE; 6'4" 255)
Dennis Dixon (Pittsburgh, QB)
Jeff Garcia (FA, QB)

Our team after, but before any drops:
QB: Tebow, Dixon, Garcia
RB: McGahee, BJGE, Moreno, Fannin, Johnson, Ball
WR: DT, Decker, S. Hill, Willis, J. Hill
TE: Chandler, Fells, Green, Thomas
OL: Clady, Kuper, Walton, Franklin, Clark, Hochstein, Iltis, Ramirez
DT: Still, Bunk, Warren, Thomas, McBean
DE: Doom, Ayers, Bequette, Anderson
LB: Williams, Lofton, Miller, Haggan, Woodyard, Irving
S: Carter, Jackson, Moore, Bush, Dawk (?)
CB: Bailey, Carr/Grimes, Norman, Harris, Squid, Vaughn

If we do go this route with the draft and free agency, who would you drop?

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